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Friday Drive
Friday July 31st, 2020 with Trevor Walker
Here come the dog days...

Here we are rolling into the "dog days" of August. We made it half way through the year! Still getting used to the extra hour and producing the show offsite which can be a little challenging at times. Very happy to be back on FM broadcasting locally and wanted to thank everyone who has been taking the time to listen to the show on demand. I hope you've all been enjoying the extra hour. On this week's show we take a ride through some reggae donuts from the late '60's through 2010's to kick things off. Followed by some jazzy vibes for the second half of the first hour. Then we'll take it up a notch for the second half with some early breakbeat, gypsy jazz, Guinean funk and a few disco boogie grooves to wrap things up. There's even a little bit of extra content on demand for those who have the time.
The Upful One
Big Youth - 7" - Tanasha ‎(1977) Jamaica
The Revolutionaries - 7" - Well Charge (1976) Jamaica
Cool Out Son
Junior Mervin - 7" - Heavy Duty (1979) ‎Jamaica
Ride Yu Donkey
The Tennors - 7" - Randy's Records (196?) Jamaica
Lion Rock
Culture - 7" - Sonic Sounds ‎ (1982) Jamaica
For Me You Are
Prince Fatty and Holllie Cook - 7" - Mr Bongo (2012) UK
Hard Times
7th Extension - 7" - Zodiac (1981) Jamaica
Some Like It Hot
Dennis Brown - 7" - Pioneer (1975) Jamaica
Fat Bloke
Coldcut - 12" - Ninja Tune (1993) UK
Atlantis Jazz Ensemble - Oceanic Suite LP - Marlow Records (2016) Canada Canadian
Your Pace
Muriel Grossmann - Elevation LP - Jazzman (2020) UK New
Fish In The Sea
Fat Freddy's Drop - Cays 2xLP - The Drop (2015) Europe
Spirit (Does Anybody Care?) (Shake City Remix)
Force One Network - 12" - Qwest Records (1991) US
hour two
Stop This Crazy Thing
Coldcut Featuring Junior Reid And The Ahead Of Our Time Orchestra ‎ - 12" - Ahead Of Our Time (1988) UK
24 Carat
Gabor Szabo - Jean-Claude‎ | If Music Presents You Need This: A Journey Into Deep Jazz Vol 3 V/A 3xLP - BBE (2019) UK
Super Boiro Band - LP - Editions Syliphone Conakry (1976) Guinea
Ain't No Stopping Us Now (Version)
Risco Connections - 12" - Black Rose Music (1979) US
Can You Feel It (Progressive Version)
Funk Fusion Band ‎ - 12" - WMOT Records (1981) US
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Computer Game (Theme From The Invaders) 12" EP - A&M Records ‎ (1980) UK
Galaxy (Full Length U.S. Disco Mix)
War - 12" - MCA Records (1977) UK
The Groove Machine
Hamilton Bohannon - Too Hot To Hold LP - Mercury (1979) US
additional on demand
Ain't it Time
Queen Yahna - 7" - P&P Records (2016) US
Starcrost - 7" - Dynamite Cuts (2019) UK
Ode To The Lizard
Tom Tyler - Fusions And Illusions 12" EP - D.C. Recordings (1999) UK
Interactive CKCU
Trevor Walker (host)
TGIF Drive! Thanks for hopping on board and hope you enjoy the ride!

10:54 AM, July 31st, 2020
robert p in gatineau
Thanks to the playlist, i can set up the program by listening to a bunch of early Lee Perry productions... Just so the music can shine. Merci.

4:43 PM, July 31st, 2020
robert p in gatineau
The Tennors... great stuff.

5:14 PM, July 31st, 2020
robert p in gatineau
The Tennors, 1968, from Discogs. Tennors label...

5:17 PM, July 31st, 2020
robert p in gatineau
Culture, always great. That was fun. Thanks.

5:18 PM, July 31st, 2020
Trevor Walker (host)
You are correct robert p Indeed it is that pressing and Lee Perry is a perfect prelude and personal favourite!

5:20 PM, July 31st, 2020

5:42 PM, July 31st, 2020
Trevor Walker (host)
Yay Candace!

5:50 PM, July 31st, 2020
robert p in gatineau
Time well spent. Nice mix of grooves. Thank you.

6:59 PM, July 31st, 2020
Trevor Walker (host)
My pleasure robert p thank you as always for taking the time.

7:23 PM, July 31st, 2020
Scuba Steve
I could spend all day jazzed up in Atlantis

3:06 AM, August 3rd, 2020
Trevor Walker (host)
Yes Scuba Steve I agree completely!

9:32 AM, August 3rd, 2020
Trevor walker??....A.P

4:37 AM, January 6th, 2021