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Friday Drive
Friday July 24th, 2020 with Trevor Walker
Mostly Panamanian Afro Latin Caribbean Ride

In 2016/ '17 I was contacted online by a fellow digger from Poland wondering if I was interested in browsing the catalogue of music he had picked up while digging in Panama, comprised mostly of Cumbia, some Salsa, Calypso and a little Reggae, predominantly Panamanian 45's and some LPs from the 1970's. Needless to say, as a "black crack" addict, I was very interested and proceeded to browse the sound clips links provided. After a couple of weeks of listening, I sent a list of the records of interest and a few weeks later a box of well loved (ie: played "often" by their original owners leaving some a little crunchy) LP's and singles arrived. I've wanted to feature my acquisitions on the "Friday Drive" but was always hesitant, not wanting to overstep and maybe offend the "Barrio Latino" show gang by playing a full show of afro latin vibes from the Caribbean. Fast forward 2020 #covid shutdown, Juliano and Pedro haven't been able to produce a show for the station, off site, since March and as you may have noticed, Friday Drive has been extending to two hours to fill some of the gap, in the interim. Well, "Friday Drive" has now been permanently extended to a two hour slot. With all these circumstances coming into play, I felt the timing was right to kill to birds with one stone. Featuring some of the afro latin music I've been hoarding and hopefully provide some Latin vibes that I've definitely been missing since March, with "Barrio" off the air. Some of the "Cumbias" featured on this episode are played in a "Monterrey" Mexican style of Cumbia, where they significantly pitch the records down, which I find, very significantly effects the whole vibe of the genre, creating a new and unique sound. The slowing of Cumbia was first mentioned to me by, "Analog Africa" label founder, Samy Ben Redjeb when he played Mercury Lounge earlier this year. I was then further intrigued by recently watching the movie: "I'm No Longer Here' (Ya No Estoy Aquí)", which features the music, the fashion and the dancing and then further reading and article by Vice as well as a short youtube documentary. I hope you enjoy this all 7" vinyl special! Some links are provided below: Vice article: Film review: Discogs seller:
Ay Changueunola
The Beachers - 7" - Tamayo (197?) Panama
La Pegajosa
Catalina Carrasco Y Yin Carrizo Con Su Conjunto Viva Panama - 7" - Grabaciones Viva Panama (197?) Panama
Festival De Santa Rosa
Chalino nieto Y Su Conjunto - 7" - Conjunto Primavera (197?) Panama
La Primavera
Catalina Carrasco Y Yin Carrizo Con Su Conjunto Viva Panama - 7" - Grabaciones Viva Panama (197?) Panama
Los Dinamicos Del Ritmo - 7" - Discos Istmeños (197?) Panama
Los Novios
Papi Brandao Y Sus Ejecutivos - 7" - Grabaciones Brandao ‎ (197?) Panama
Hermanos Duncan - 7" - Tamayo (197?) Panama
Tu Recuerdo
Osvaldo Ayala con su Conjunto Ritmos Santeños - 7" - Promociones Orca (197?) n/a
Night Of Fun On The Moon
Lord Cobra Y Los Pana Afros - 7" - Padisco (197?) Panama
Cumba, la Cumbita
El Brujo Licas - 7" - Sally Ruth Records (197?) Panama
Como Sufro
Carlos Cleghorn Y Los Cazadores - 7" - Discoteca Sophy, S.A. (197?) Panama
Traigo Alegria
The Beachers - 7" - Sally Ruth Records (197?) Panama
No Cole
Los Hermanos Duncan - 7" - Tamayo (197?) Panama ‎
Victor Boa Y Sus Estrellas - 7" - Taboga (197?) Panama
The Willow Band - 7" - Expansion (2017) UK
Babalonia (Yu Qui Yu Version)
Ricardo Marrero And The Group - 7" - Jazzman (2006) UK
Pegadita De Los Hombres
Bush Y Su Nuevo Sonido Con Solinka - 7" - Epoca (197?) Panama
Arroz con Guandu
Panaswing - 7" - Sally Ruth Records (197?) Panama
El Que Tiene Pone
Carlos El Grande y Los Excelentes - 7" - Tamayo (197?) Panama
Dispara Ya
Sabor Y Control - 7" - Names You Can Trust (2019) US
Para Los Barrios
Bush Y Su Nuevo Sonido - 7" - Epoca (197?) Panama
Tema de Banderas
Banderas - 7" - Matasuna Rec. (2018) Switzerland
Dax Pacem Orchestra - 7" - Sociedad Records (2016) US
Banderas Mambo
Banderas - 7" - Matasuna Rec. (2018) Switzerland
La Tumba
Dax Pacem Orchestra - 7" - Sociedad Records (2016) US
Orquesta El Macabeo - 7" - Discos De Hoy ‎ (2014) Puerto Rico
Angel Viloria Y Su Conjunto Típico Cibaeño - 7" - Ansonia (195?) US
El Testamento
Wganda Kenya - 7" - Discos Fuentes (1977) Panama
Pa' Jerusalem
Nueva Vida canta: Carlos Martinez - 7" - Tamayo (197?) Panama
Bomba Alegre
Los Morenos Alegres - 7" - Sally Ruth Records (197?) Panama
Broki Y Hector Calderon - 7" - ABCD (A Bitasweet / Candela Dubplate) (2007) UK
Jewels Part One & Two
Greenwood Rhythm Coalition - 7" - Names You Can Trust (2019) US
Chica Salsa
La Nueva Generación - 7" - Padisco ‎ (197?) Panama
Interactive CKCU
Trevor Walker (host)
TGIF Drive! Welcome to another edition and the Drive is now officially 2 hours! Enjoy the ride!

4:58 PM, July 24th, 2020
Loving the show!

5:20 PM, July 24th, 2020
Trevor Walker (host)
Thanks Candace!

5:24 PM, July 24th, 2020
robert p in gatineau
Locked in, for the duration. Thanks.

6:04 PM, July 24th, 2020
Trevor Walker (host)
Cheers robert p! Always good to know you’re along for the ride.

6:49 PM, July 24th, 2020