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Infinite Ceiling
Thursday March 28th, 2019 with mark
..and more flutey!! Happy B'day John Evans and a lot more.

John Evan Tull track contains nods to Claude Debussy's Golliwog's Cakewalk, Rachmaninov's Prelude in G Sharp Minor, and Beethoven's Sonate #8: Pathétique.
recorded live at Carnegie Hall in New York City for the benefit of Phoenix House, 4 November 1970
By Kind Permission Of
Jethro Tull - Living in the Past - Chysalis
Crisis 051209
Naikaku - Shell - Poseidon
-- set break --
Requiem (For a Dying Creed)
Hypnos 69 - Legacy - Elektrohasch
Tabula Rasa - Tabula Rasa - Love
-- set break --
Emperor in His War Room
Van Der Graaf Generator - H to He, Who Am the Only One
National Health - Complete - ESD
Tariq Amery will be appearing live at the Jamari Espresso House Sunday Afternoon April 28
Tariq Amery - Indefinity - Independent Canadian
Toujours Trop Tard
Maneige - Libre Service-Self Service - Progquebec Canadian
Interactive CKCU
VDGG and National Health and Maneige a masterpiece by themselves. Thanks

7:23 PM, March 28th, 2019
Nice songs Mark

8:36 PM, March 28th, 2019
Mark Keill (host)
Hi all. thx for tuning in.

8:39 PM, March 28th, 2019
Where is the Unicenter located

8:42 PM, March 28th, 2019
Mark Keill (host)
essentially the centre of Carleton U. The major pubs and bookstore are here. Most of the clubs and associations are located here as well.

8:44 PM, March 28th, 2019