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Thursday June 6th, 2024 with Joe Reilly
An overview of the upcoming Ottawa Jazz Festival (June 21-30)

The Ottawa Jazz Festival is running from June 21sth to 30th and features a diverse lineup of amazing artists. Today we get an overview of the 2024 Festival and hear some stunning music by artists that you may not be familiar with. Petr Cancura is the Artistic and Executive Director of the Ottawa Jazz Festival. He joins us on the show to set up this year's festival, talk about taking the helm from Catherine O'Grady and to turn us on to some amazing music by great artists featured in the festival lineup. Preparing for my interview with Petr, I dug into the music of some artists he suggested we feature. I didn't know them and I really loved everything he suggested I listen to... which bodes well for the entire lineup of amazing artists he has selected for this year's event. For more information about the Festival, including ticket and pass information: For more information about Steve Bernstein's Millennial Territory Orchestra: For more information about Petr Cancura with Charlie Hunter and Scott Amendola: For more information about Aja Monet: For more information about Yussef Dayes: (Watch the video on this Jazz Fest bio page - it's live and it's awesome) Get out and see some live music this week and support independent music in any way that you can. Thanks for listening.
Give Up The Funk (Tear the Roof Off the Sucker)
Parliament - Tear The Roof Off (1974-1980)
Yes We Can
Steve Bernstein's Millennial Territory Orchestra - Good Time Music (Community Music Vol. 2)
One More Spoonful of Beans
Mod Cons (Petr Cancura/Charlie Hunter) - Mod Cons Canadian
for the kids ...
Aja Monet - for the kids ... (single)
Rust (feat. Tom Misch)
Yussef Dayes - Black Classical Music
Goodnight, California
Kathleen Edwards - Asking For Flowers Canadian
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