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Thursday May 30th, 2024 with Joe Reilly
Interviews with Mike McNamee of the Ottawa group Boston Levi and with Jacob Tsafatinos of the group Good Kid - both playing in Ottawa on Saturday, June 1

Two groups playing on Saturday night (June 1) are featured on the show today. We open with the Ottawa-based group Boston Levi, performing at the Overflow Brewing Company on Saturday night. We talk to lead singer Mike McNamee about the group's latest single, Pretty Little Heartbreak and how it was mostly recorded live off the floor. Mike tells us how the group approaches recording and playing live and their plans to release two EPs over the next 6 months. For tickets to see Boston Levi use this link: Then we talk to Jacob Tsafatinos, one of the guitarists with the group Good Kid, appearing at the Bronson Centre on Saturday night (June 1.) Jacob talks about how the group gives creative control to the content creators they work with on projects like the fresh and fun video for the song Dance Class. We talk about how some of the songs explore dark themes despite the bubbly, upbeat musical backdrops and how vocalist Nick Frosst often packs a lot of ideas/lyrics into one song. The band is known for really connecting with its fanbase - in the live setting, through socials and in other ways - and Jacob also talks about how that's important to the members of Good Kid. For tickets to see Good Kid on Saturday, use this link: And here is the link to the video for the song Dance Class by Good Kid: Also on the show today we spin a new single by Toronto's The Ring Shepherds - the group's take on the classic If You Go Away... which they've called Go Away. Thanks for listening today. Get out and see some live music this week and support independent music in any way that you can!
Pretty Little Heartbreak
Boston Levi - Pretty Little Heartbreak (single) Canadian New
Boston Levi - Prophecies Canadian
Dance Class
Good Kid - Good Kid 4 Canadian New
Good Kid - Good Kid 4 Canadian New
Good Kid - Good Kid 4 Canadian New
Go Away
The Ring Shepherds - Go Away (single) Canadian New
Siren Calls
George Fitzgerald - All That Must Be
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