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Thursday November 30th, 2023 with Joe Reilly
We talk to Rachel Weldon, L CON and Zac and Edana of SHHH! Ensemble about the next Pique on Dec. 9th. And we talk to Alex and Liam of Root Cause about their debut e.p. and the release party at Club SAW Dec. 2.

NOTE: The On Demand version of the show includes 7 minutes of additional interview segments and music. We open in conversation with Rachel Weldon, who is the founder and director of Debaser a local arts organization that brings truly adventurous artists to Ottawa to perform. On Saturday, December 9th, Debaser is producing another Pique event at Arts Court in the heart of Ottawa. Pique runs from 5 p.m. until 2 a.m. and this event brings music, performing arts, visual arts, local crafts people and some fantastic multidisciplinary projects to Arts Court and brings every space in the building alive with music and other artistic endeavours. Rachel explains how the event got started and what to expect for this edition of Pique. For information about Pique: The we talk to Lisa Conway who is from Montreal and makes music under the name L CON. She talks about her two latest albums Isolator and Soundmill Improvisations. We talk about how these very different recordings reflect different aspects of Lisa's musical creativity - and she explains how she approaches the creation of improvised music and more traditional songs. L CON is appearing at Pique with visual artist Emma Ongman and Lisa explains how they will be improvising an amazing set of music and visual presentations together. For more information about L CON and her music use these links: SHHH! Ensemble is also appearing as part of Pique. Zac Pulak and Edana Higham are partners in life and musical partners in SHHH! Edana plays piano and Zac plays a wide array of percussion instruments. Together they perform what they like to call avant accessible music - covering a wide range of influences and styles. We talk about how they started making music together, how they get work commissioned for them to perform and about their amazing new release An Auditory Survey of the Last Days of the Holocene. They also explain how it will be a sensory, surround sound approach to bringing this music to life at Pique on Saturday, December 9th in what will be a very exclusive and immersive concert. For more information check out the SHHH! Ensemble website: Finally we talk to Alex Begin and Liam Hall of the local group Root Cause. The group is releasing its debut e.p. Chuck It Out! at Club SAW on Saturday, December 2nd with a great lineup of groups including Guest Room Status, Heavy Sweater and Backseat Dragon. Alex and Liam tell us how they got together and formed the band and the journey to making this first collection of songs for the e.p. For ticket information use this link: Thanks for listening. Get out and see some live music this week and check out Pique next weekend on December 9th. And don't forget you can still donate to CKCU's funding drive by using the red "DONATE" buttons on our web pages!
Alphorn Tape Loop I
L CON - The Isolator Canadian New
Big Pile of Nothing
L CON - The Isolator Canadian New
Causes 1.1 Negative Energy
SHHH! Ensemble - An Auditory Survey of the Last Days of the Holocene Canadian New
This Year
Root Cause - Chuck It Out! Canadian New
Ego You'd Rather
Root Cause - Chuck It Out! Canadian New
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