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Thursday January 26th, 2023 with Joe Reilly
Today we talk to Christine Graves, Jon Spencer and Matt Radich who records as Townes

We open the show talking to Christine Graves. The Ottawa singer-songwriter is about to release her fifth album, Everyday Things - but there has been a fifteen year gap between albums for Christine. She tells us why she's been away from recording for so long and what has brought her back to making music. We explore the themes of some of the songs and Christine explains how a strong social consciousness is at the core of many of her songs. You can see Christine and her band performing these songs at Redbird Live for an album release party on Thursday, February 2nd. Next we talk to the legendary Jon Spencer about his upcoming concert at Club SAW on Saturday, January 28th. We talk to Jon about the way he recorded the songs on his latest album Spencer Gets It Lit and about what we can expect when his band the HITmakers hit the stage at Club SAW. He also explains some of the thinking behind his song The Worst Facts, and how it was inspired by the idea that many people seem no longer capable of accepting that there are some FACTS in this world. Then we check in with Matt Radich who records under the name Townes. Matt is originally from Ottawa and now calls Montreal home. He is coming to town on Friday night (January 27th) to perform music from a new project called Ghostwriters - a short film with an interesting storyline. You can see Townes on Friday at the Rainbow Bistro. Get out and see some live music this week and support independent music any way that you can.
To The Other Side
Christine Graves - Everyday Life Canadian New
Sparrow Parable
Christine Graves - Everyday Life Canadian New
Despite The News
Christine Graves - Everyday Life Canadian New
The Worst Facts
Jon Spencer and the HITmakers - Spencer Gets It Lit
Junk Man
Jon Spencer and the HITmakers - Spencer Gets It Lit
Maury Povich
Townes - Maury Povich (single) Canadian
Same Old Thing
Townes - Same Old Thing (single) Canadian
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