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The Guest List
Thursday November 4th, 2021 with Joe Reilly
Interviews with Silla and Rise, The Wilderness of Manitoba and Dave Bignell about The Motel Bluebirds

** NOTE: This On Demand version of the Guest List is 15 minutes longer than the version that was broadcast on CKCU-FM on Thursday, November 4th. To make that edition of the show fit into 60 minutes, some songs were shortened and some interview clips were cut. ** If you like this show, please go to our Funding Drive donation page and make a contribution to the Guest List. Be sure to select The Guest List as your "participant." Since it's a funding drive show we feature, shorter interview segments and lots of great music... to hopefully inspire you to go to and make a donation to keep this radio station on the air for another year....please!! We open the show talking to Charlotte Qamaniq and Rise Ashen of the amazing group Silla and Rise. Charlotte is one of three Inuit throat singers from Nunavit who are in this group with Rise Ashen who provides the great beats and sounds to augment the amazing singing of his bandmates. The group has just released its third album, Silarjuaq, and we talk about how they work together to merge traditional throat singing with modern sounds. Charlotte speaks passionately about how the album opens with a powerful song dedicated to the memories and spirits of children who were murdered and abandoned at residential schools across Canada. We also hear about a song that connects to nature and Rise tells us how he works with these traditional sounds to create a very modern vibe. Finally, Rise also talks about the importance of supporting CKCU during our annual funding drive. Next we check in with Will Whitwham of the Wilderness of Manitoba about the group's brand new album, Farewell to Cathedral. Will explains how it took a little more time between albums for Wilderness of Manitoba this time around and how the pandemic impacted songwriting and the new recording. We also discuss some of the themes that are explored on several songs. Will also talks about the importance of campus radio for independent artists. We had to edit out our conversation about how you can watch a live recording of the group that will be unveiled this Saturday night, November 6th. For details check out the Popguru website and after Saturday night you can stream the performance on the Popguru Youtube page, for which you find a link below. Finally, we talk to Ottawa musician and producer Dave Bignell about his brand new countrified band called The Motel Bluebirds. Dave explains how this group came together and the impetus to create and record some country songs. The album will be out.... some day... soon ... maybe. But for now you can check out the band performing live at Irene's Pub on Bank Street, on Friday, November 5th. Dave tells us about all the great local musicians playing in the band and how Lynn Miles is joining them and that Lynn will be premiering some brand new songs on Friday night. Since there is no music out yet from the Motel Bluebirds, we spin a song from Dave's other band Cloud of Rock... the great rockin' number entitled Indie Rock. Get ticket information here: Thanks for listening and please continue to support CKCU-FM and the Guest List by donating to our annual public funding drive, using the link below.
Nutarannut [For the Children] ft. Tanya Tagaq
Silla and Rise - Silarjuaq Canadian New
How Lucky We Are ft. Tanya Tagaq
Silla and Rise - Silarjuaq Canadian New
Supijuq ft. Risten Anine
Silla and Rise - Silarjuaq Canadian New
The Wilderness of Manitoba - Farewell To Cathedral Canadian New
The Well Has Run Dry
The Wilderness of Manitoba - Farewell To Cathedral Canadian New
Indie Rock
Cloud of Rock - Cloud of Rock Canadian
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