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Thursday August 29th, 2019 with Joe Reilly
Interviews with Not Really, Ornaments and Lucy Dacus

Today we open the show talking to Dan Tennant of Ottawa's Not Really. The group is about to release a new album titled On the Spectrum on Thursday, September 5 at Pressed. We talk to Dan about working with Dave Draves as producer on this album and how Dan gets his great guitar sounds without any pedals. We also talk about the title On the Spectrum and how Dan feels about the importance of accepting others who are different and how this truly adds to the richness of the world. We keep things local with our next guest, David Pierce of the group Ornaments. The band is about to launch a new e.p. with a release party at a new performance space called Cinqhole (formerly known as General Assembly) on Saturday, September 14th. We talk to David about some of the themes on the new album and how they reflect the messed up nature of the world right now. We also talk about how these themes are juxtaposed against the beautiful artwork they selected for the new album. Finally we talk to Lucy Dacus about her amazing 2018 album Historians and focus much of the interview on the beautiful, powerful song "Pillar of Truth" that she wrote for her grandmother as she was dying. Dacus exhibits astonishing insight and empathy in her amazing songs and she talks about her writing process and what she calls the more challenging "sharing process" when her songs are written. This is an engaging conversation with an exceptional artist. She will be appearing at CityFolk here in Ottawa on Sunday, September 15th. A show you should definitely attend. Get out and see some live music this week and be sure to PURCHASE the music of artists you love so they can keep making great music for us to enjoy. Vinyl, CD or download... doesn't matter... just pay for some music and by the way ... your streaming service doesn't give the artists you love enough money.
Worried About You
Not Really - On The Spectrum - Indie (on Bandcamp) Canadian New
Wrong All The Time
Not Really - On the Spectrum - Indie (on Bandcamp) Canadian New
Wake Up
Ornaments - Compassion Fatigue - Indie (on Bandcamp) Canadian New
Like Men
Ornaments - Compassion Fatigue - Indie (on Bandcamp) Canadian New
Pillar of Truth
Lucy Dacus - Historian - Matador
Forever Half Mast
Lucy Dacus - Single - Matador New
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