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Thursday January 31st, 2019 with Joe Reilly
Interviews with Ray Montford and Andy Shauf

Today we open with a conversation with local guitarist/producer Ray Montford about his new album Share My Sky and the gig he's playing on Saturday night (February 2) at the Blacksheep Inn to mark the release of the album. We talk about how Ray was drawn to instrumental music and how he tells stories without any words but uses his guitar as his voice. On this new album Ray features one song with lyrics and he tells us how that came about. He also talks about how he uses the human voice as a texture under his guitar work on several pieces on the new album. Ray reveals where some of these musical pieces come from and how literature sometimes influences his musical compositions. It's a great sounding album so check it out at his website and head up to his concert at the Blacksheep in Wakefield. We also talk to Andy Shauf about his upcoming show in Ottawa at the Bronson Centre on February 7. We open up by talking to Andy about his new project Foxwarren and how he won't be playing any Foxwarren songs on his new solo tour... although he does hope to get out and tour the Foxwarren project in the near future. We talk about what differentiates the songs he recorded under the Foxwarren project from his Andy Shauf songs. We also talk about his well honed craft of creating narrative songs on his solo albums and how those songs will be mixed into setlists that jump around his musical career. Finally he explains how there will be 2 clarinets in his band on this tour. Get out and see some live music this week! And buy some music from artists so they can keep making music....ok!
Breathe With Me
Ray Montford - Share My Sky - Indie Canadian New
Ray Montford - Share My Sky - Indie Canadian New
Everythng Apart
Foxwarren - Foxwarren Canadian New
To You
Andy Shauf - The Party Canadian
My Dear Helen
Andy Shauf - The Bearer of Bad News Canadian
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