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Thursday January 24th, 2019 with Joe Reilly
Interviews with Jesse Parent, Terra Lightfoot, and Begonia

We start the show today in conversation with singer-songwriter Jesse Parent. Jesse is appearing in a songwriter's circle at the Bar Robo on Saturday night (January 26) with our local favourite Slo' Tom, and Terry Fernihough and Bruce Wozny. We talk to Jesse about writing a song for his own wedding (the song Today) and how he thinks his own songwriting took on new life when he decided to write songs for himself first and foremost. We also talk about how geography and place work into his songs. Then we check in with Terra Lightfoo who is ALWAYS welcome on the show. It's always great to catch up with Terra who is one of finest guitarists and songwriters in the country. She hails from Hamilton and seems to be constantly on the road. We talk to her about geography as well, as Ottawa looms large in her song Pinball King and surprisingly the song features a band that is playing "too loud" for Terra (??) at the House of Targ. Listen closely and you'll understand. We talk about a wide variety of things ranging from getting the right tone from your guitar when you're playing with in-ear monitors and how turning her guitar amp around (so it doesn't face the audience) seems to please live sound engineers everywhere she plays. Terra also lets us in on how she put together this amazing lineup of women who are coming to Ottawa to play on Wednesday, February 6 at the Algonquin College Commons Theatre as "The Longest Road Show." She is going to be playing with Lindi Ortega, Begonia and special guest Kathleen Edwards on this night so as Terra says "don't miss this show" - it will be special. She also tells us about how she got together with Kathleen to write the theme song for the tour and the show - The Longest Road. And we wrap up the show talking to Begonia, who is also on the bill February 6 at the Algonquin Commons Theatre. Begonia is Alexa Dirks who has a fantastic voice and on he E.P. Lady in Mind explores music that is a mix of pop, soul, rock and modern r&b (without the auto-tune.) We talk about how that E.P. is a snapshot of a period in time for Alexa and how it documents a transitional period for her. She shares with us some thoughts about all the collaborators she worked with on it and how that contributed to the "eclectic" nature of that collection of songs. At the end of the segment I was supposed to play a new song by Begonia but my computer initially was not cooperating so we heard a bit of Out of My Head and then heard a bit of the new song The Light. Apologies to you good listeners and to Begonia as well. Get out and see some live music this week and if you like what you heard today buy some music by these artists on CD or vinyl or downloads. Support musicians so they can keep making great music .... please!
Jesse Parent - single - Indie Canadian
Quebec City In The Rain
Jesse Parent - single - Indie Canadian
Pinball King
Terra Lightfoot - New Mistakes - Sonic Unyon Canadian
Stars Over Dakota
Terra Lightfoot - New Mistakes - Sonic Unyon Canadian
Begonia - Lady In Mind - Indie Canadian
Out Of My Head (excerpt)
Begonia - Lady in Mind - Indie Canadian
The Light (excerpt)
Begonia - New single
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