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Thursday May 25th, 2017 with Joe Reilly
Interviews with Madison Violet, Justin Rutledge and Kele Fleming ** We get the world radio premiere of some new Madison Violet music!!

We open the show today talking to Brenley MacEachern of Madison Violet. The group is about to release a beautiful new album (on June 9th) called The Knight Sessions and Madison Violet is at the Black Sheep Inn next Thursday night, June 1. We talk about the incredible pain and challenges that Brenley and her bandmate Lisa MacIsaac have gone through of late and how those challenges are reflected on an album that is ultimately positive and uplifting. Listen in as we premiere new music from the upcoming album. Next up we check in with Brenley's friend Justin Rutledge. Brenley and Lisa co-wrote a song with Justin on his latest album EAST. Justin will be in town on Saturday night, May 27 performing in the Studio of the NAC as part of the National Arts Centre's Crossroads series - it's a series that brings Petr Cancura together with a variety of singer-songwriters and they work together to create and play new jazz-infused versions of the guest artist's original works. We talk to Justin about this collaboration, about some of the lovely arrangement touches he used for songs on the 2016 album EAST and about his previous recording Daredevil on which he covered songs by the Tragically Hip. In light of the news of Gord Downie's terminal cancer, we talk a bit about the impact and importance of Downie's work as a Canadian singer-songwriter. Finally we check in with Kele Fleming. Kele was on the show a few months ago but she's back in town not to promote her latest album No Static, but to help raise awareness of Lyme Disease. She will be participating in a very special event on Parliament Hill on the afternoon of Saturday, June 3. She talks about the personal impact of Lyme Disease in her life (she has two sisters who live with Lyme Disease) and how it is important for her to participate in an event like this. Get out and see some live music this week!
Madison Violet - The Knight Sessions Canadian New
How We See Love
Madison Violete - The Knight Sessions Canadian New
The Great Ascension
Justin Rutledge - EAST - Outside Music Canadian
Justin Rutledge - EAST - Outside Music Canadian
Kele Fleming - No Static Canadian
Me Oh My
Kele Fleming - No Static Canadian
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