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Thursday February 23rd, 2017 with Joe Reilly
Interviews with Andrea Ramolo, Kele Fleming and Lefty McRighty about the Johnny Cash Birthday Bash

Today we talk to Andrea Ramolo about her brand new release Nuda. It's a double CD that features one CD with the songs totally stripped down, recorded solo by Faye Blais. The other CD features big (and often dark) production by Michael Timmins. It's a great combination to hear the songs as they were first created and then how they were later imagined with Andrea working with Michael and a group of great musicians. We talk to Andrea about some of the themes she's exploring on the recording and how Tom Wilson influenced a couple of them. See her perform these songs on Friday night (Feb. 24) at the Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield Quebec. Next up we connect with Kele Fleming. The Vancouver singer-songwriter has been making music (off and on) since the 1990s when she fronted the group Hazel Motes. We talk about the poetic nature of her lyrics and how the new album No Static is the result of a musical partnership with Ron Yamauchi. You can see Kele perform her new songs at Bar Robo on Thursday, March 2. We also check in with Lefty McRighty, one of the organizers of the 8th Annual Johnny Cash Birthday Bash. This is a CKCU Fundraiser at the Rainbow Bistro on Saturday night (February 25) and features a wide range of great artists paying tribute to the man in black and his amazing music. It's a fun gig and the money goes to a great cause... keeping CKCU on the air for another year. We also played a song by Benjamin Francis Leftwich. The singer-songwriter from the UK is in at Zaphod Beeblebrox on Friday night (Feb. 24.) He's a great artist and well worth checking out. Get out and see some live music this week.
Wild Town (Nuda version)
Andrea Ramolo - Nuda - Indie Canadian New
Coming Out (Nuda version)
Andrea Ramolo - Nuda - Indie Canadian New
Fill The Spaces (Da Sola version)
Andrea Ramolo - Nuda - Indie Canadian New
Kele Fleming - No Static - Indie Canadian New
Wishing Away
Kele Fleming - No Static - Indie Canadian New
Just Breathe
Benjamin Francis Leftwich - After the Rain
Guess Things Happen That Way
Johnny Cash - Unsure
Dandeloins (featuring Jamie Oliver)
K.J. Thomas - Unsure Canadian
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