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David Dalle
Thursday June 24th, 2021 with David Dalle
Sun Ra "In Some Far Place" part I. Three generations of Fela Kuti. The unique sound world of Georg Friedrich Haas. Bismillah Khan.

Record Store Day passed two weeks ago, and one find I have really been enjoying is a live recording of Sun Ra in Rome from 1977. This never-before-released recording put out by Strut Records in 2016 as an RSD special features Sun Ra in a more intimate trio setting, with Sun Ra on piano, organ and synthesizer, Luqman Ali on drums and some occasional vocals from Thomas Thaddeus. I am enjoying this album so much. We will hear all four sides on four different shows. Thankfully, unlike most of the vinyl I have been acquiring, this RSD special edition included CDs as well, which is why I can share it with you during this pandemic broadcasting. We will also hear a rare recording of music by one of my favourite living composers, the Austrian Georg Friedrich Haas. He delves into a unique sound world of microtones, micropolyphony and overtones and creates exceptionally powerful and magical music. Haas has a large oeuvre of works however, sadly, there are very few recordings of his music. A 2013 performance of his 3rd string quartet "In the Dark" by the JACK Quartet in Ottawa remains the most powerful musical experience I have had in this city! We will hear his 1985 work "Hommage à Gyorgy Ligeti" for two pianos. These two pianos are tuned a quarter-tone apart and both are played simultaneously by one pianist. The difference in tuning is crucial. The resulting micro-polyphony and clash of the overtones from the two pianos creates an enormous range of un-pianolike sounds, droning and wailing like sirens, magnificently immersive.
Sun Ra - In Some Far Place - Roma '77 - Strut
Untitled 1
Sun Ra - In Some Far Place - Roma '77 - Strut
Spontaneous Simplicity
Sun Ra - In Some Far Place - Roma '77 - Strut
Space Is the Place
Sun Ra - In Some Far Place - Roma '77 - Strut
We move from Sun Ra to three generations of the Kuti family, starting with Fela Kuti and the title track from this 1976 album.
Unnecessary Begging
Fela Kuti - Unnecessary Begging - Wrasse
You Can't Fight Corruption with Corruption
Femi Kuti - Stop the Hate - Partisan Records
Different Streets
Made Kuti - For(e)ward - Partisan Records
Hommage à Gyorgy Ligeti
Georg Friedrich Haas/Mabel Kwan - Trois Hommages - New Focus Recordings
After the wailing of the pianos, we move to wailing of the shehnai. This recording of Raag Shankara features a longer Alaap than usual for Bismillah Khan.
Raag Shankara
Ustad Bismillah Khan & Party - Classic Shehnai - SCI
Interactive CKCU
David Dalle (host)
Listening along!

2:11 PM, June 24th, 2021
Just trying to join up .. very late. RA RA RA, KUTI KUTI KUTI!! What could go wrong?! Thank you OnDemand...

4:04 PM, June 24th, 2021