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David Dalle
Thursday March 19th, 2020 with David Dalle
Memories of Springs past, program from March 13th 2014.

Due to the global pandemic, CKCU is not airing any live shows right now, CKCU's staff is working diligently towards a solution to get around this restriction. However, for today, I cannot broadcast my program (too bad, it would have been a good one, starting with music from 14th century Northern Italy, during the time of the Plague and Boccaccio's Decameron, followed by music for Norwuz, and ending with some new joyful music from West Africa), so I strongly encourage you to listen to some of my former programs on-demand, 5 years worth of programming! AS a special treat, I uploaded a show from March 13th 2014, which has not been available on demand for a while, a wonderful show with Hassan Hakmoun, Habib Koite, Mehmet Ali Sanlikol, Souljazz Orchestra; a great mix of Moroccan, West African, Brazilian, Turkish, and Jazz! Playlist is here:
There are no tracks in this playlist.
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