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David Dalle
Thursday October 17th, 2019 with David Dalle
Franco, soukous from Tanzania and Kenya, Utsav Lal, Kamancello, Kurdish music and more.

Starting off again today with Franco, but after a wonderful song from the end of his career, we will hear some soukous from Tanzania and Kenya with bands founded mainly by Congolese immigrants in the 70's. We will also hear music from Kamancello and Kurdish music.
Laissez-nous tranquilles
Franco & TPOK Jazz - Les Rumeurs - Sonodisc
Shauri Yako
Orchestra Super Mazembe - Giants of East Africa - Stern's
Papa Noel - Bel Ami - Stern's
Mume Wangu
Orchestra Makassy - Legends of East AFrica - ARC
Pianist Utsav Lal has been invited to play at Steinway Hall in New York City, a very prestigious honour for many great pianists in various traditions (such as Pablo Ziegler here), but certainly none have played Hindustani music on the piano before at Steinway Hall! If you are fortunate enough to be in NYC next Wednesday evening, there is no better way to spend it then at Steinway Hall seeing Utsav Lal solo!
Muchacha de Boedo
Pablo Ziegler - Solo - Steinway & Sons
Rag Puriya - Alap Jod Jhala
Utsav Lal - Indian Classical Music on the Piano - Independent
I've been following the Barmer Boys as they tour Europe right now, this week they played in Venice and Florence, they have a new album coming out which will receive heavy airplay of course!
Barmer Boys - At Home - Amarrass Records
Kamancello are returning to Ottawa and playing at the Beechwood Mausoleum Saturday evening. The concert is at 7pm and tickets include a wine and food reception following the concert.
Info and tickets:

We will hear a set of Kurdish music bookended by two pieces by Kamancello.
Kamancello - Kamancello II: Voyage - Independent Canadian
Malan Barkir - Berivane
Hawniyaz - Hawniyaz - Harmonia Mundi
In the Shadow of the Fatherland
Shahriyar Jamshidi - The Lullaby of A Nomad - Independent Canadian
Set me free
The Kamkars - Kani Sepi - Kereshmeh
Kamancello - Kamancello - Independent Canadian
Swing in the Wind Lonely
Shahriyar Jamshidi - The Lullaby of A Nomad - Independent Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Joe P.
Thank you for your selections David. The African pieces at the beginning especially, really brightened up my day.

4:29 PM, October 17th, 2019