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David Dalle
Thursday October 19th, 2017 with David Dalle
Tribute to Augustin Mawangu Mingiedi of Kinshasha's Konono No. 1. New music from Constantinople and Kamancello, Andras Schiff and Bach and more.

Augustin Mawangu Mingiedi, 2nd generation leader of Kinshasha's Konono No. 1 died this week. In 2009 he took over from his father Mingiedi Mawangu who founded the group in the 1960's. They were Bazombo musicians from southeast DRC who migrated to Kinshasha. Because urban Kinshasha was an extremely noisy environment, they developed home made amplification solutions for their traditional instruments, particularly the Likembe thumb piano. The amplification methods introduced a significant amount of distortion and this actually became part of their sound. They exploded into global music consiousness in 2004 with their debut international release and have continued to be a popular touring group. Their sound is a fantastic experimental-sounding African wall-of-noise. The group will continue with the 3rd generation Makonda who takes the lead after the death of his father. We will also hear some new music from Constantinople, with two members of the group, leader Kiya Tabassian and Didem Basar in a collaboration with the Belgian duo Belem comprised of accordionist Didier Laloy and cellist Kathy Adam. More astonishing music from Toronto duo Kamancello; Cris Derksen,Frank Horvat, Andras Schiff and Bach.
Ungudi Wele Wele
Konono No. 1 - Congotronics - Crammed
Kule Kule
Konono No. 1 - Congotronics - Crammed
Likambo Ya Ngana
Franco - The Rough Guide to Franco - World Music Network
Sango Ya Mawa
Patience Dabany feat. Tabu Ley Rochereau - Patience Dabany - EMI
Kule Kule
Konono No. 1 arr. Jherek Bischoff/Kronos Quartet - Live at Switchboard Music Festival - Switchboard Music New
Frank Horvat/Jamie Thompson, Erika Nielsen, Daniel Morphy, Frank Horvat - The Current Agenda - I Am Who I Am Canadian New
Histoire De Molly
Ballake Sissoko & Vincent Segal - Chamber Music - Six Degrees
Horizons Lointains
Constantinople & Belem - Horizons Lointains - Ma Case Canadian New
Constantinople & Belem - Horizons Lointains - Ma Case Canadian New
Composition in Mahur
Saeid Farajpouri & Pezhkam Akhavass - Kamancheh Playing Based on Kurdish Melodies - Mahoor Institute of Culture and Art
The debut album by Kamancello is spectacular! Completely improvised and unedited. This exceptional piece has such fragile joy. Absolutely sublime. Make sure to listen to last week's show with Kamancello performing live-in-studio!
Kamancello - Kamancello - Independent Canadian New
The great Hungarian pianist Andras Schiff is perfoming in Ottawa this Monday, the concert is almost sold out, but a couple tickets may be left! He will be performing Bach's magnificent 6th English Suite. He famously recorded most of Bach in the 1980's including the performance heard here, but during the 30 years since, his Bach is different. He has re-recorded some Bach for ECM in recent years, but not the English Suites yet. I am greatly intrigued by how it will sound now, more mature, subtler, more emotional depth? We will find out on Monday:
English Suite No. 6 in d minor BWV811
Johann Sebastien Bach/Andras Schiff - English Suites - London Decca
East Winging It
Cris Derksen featuring Black Bear - Orchestral Powwow - Tribal Spirit Canadian
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