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Whatever's Cool With Me
Thursday August 26th, 2010 with Ryan Bresee
The I Heart Music Festival Episode

Infinite - 360 Degrees Canadian
Candy Man
Mississippi John Hurt - Frankie and Albert
His Heroin and His Horn
Charlie Sohmer - Casual Rake Canadian
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
Nina Simone - The Essential
You miss your candyman
Terry Callier - What Color is Love?
Just a little overcome
The Nightingales - Just a Little Overcome
For those who hate their life
The Peptides - For Those Who Hate Human Interaction Canadian New
Price of Love
Brad - Best Friends? New
Thank you for your love
Antony and the Johnsons - Thank you for your love EP New
Sit Down Beside Me
Patrick Watson - Sit Down Beside Me CD Single Canadian New
Pen to the paper
Parlovr - Parlovr Canadian
Bones are my Home
Giant hand - Starting as People Canadian New
This Town
Amos the Transparent - My What Big Teeth You Have Canadian
Love is on your side
The Love Machine - Sweater Weather Canadian New
Proposition 61
The Most Serene Republic - Underwater Cinematographer Canadian
Still Life Still - Girls Come Too Canadian
Light-Bright lawns
Still Life Still - Girls Come Too
The Letdown
Crush Buildings - Things Luminous Canadian
Cloud Cult - Light Chasers New
Arcade Fire - Live at MSG Canadian New
Suuns - Zeroes EP Canadian New
Young Throats
Parenthetical Girls - Privelage New
This Space
Royksopp - mp3 New
Everybody Loves You
Hazmat Modine - Bahamut
Born a Dancer
Hi Lo Trons - Bella Simone Canadian
Kindling to Cremation (Megafaun remix)
The Acorn - Make the Least of the Day Canadian New
Self Worth p. 3
Kwes - Against the Dying of the Light Canadian New
Well Jackson
Kwes - Against the Dying of the Light Canadian New
Many Moons
Mood Ruff - Night Life Types Canadian
The world is mine
The Happy Unfortunate - The Happy Unfortunate EP Canadian
Outside Looking In
Quake - The Myth Canadian New
You Got Me
The Roots - Things Fall Apart