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Thursday Special Blend
Thursday April 9th, 2020 with Michael Powell
Well, here we are. Back on the radio. Mike Powell shifts to Thursdays and talks sidewalks and birds, in that order (but not together!)

Back on the air! A (very) remote fill-in where we talk to Capital Ward councillor Shawn Menard about about the pandemic is affecting different people, and why that means we need to be flexibly with responses. In the last half hour, we'll talk birds with Susan Phillips from Safe Wings Ottawa, because we all need something a little different right now. NOTE: Phone interviews are a work in progress, and volume might be a little lower as I listen to it. We'll figure all this out going forward as I master recording from home.
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We talk with Capital Ward councillor Shawn Menard about the city's pandemic response. In particular, he is concerned about the need to create more pedestrian spaces on main streets, where narrow sidewalks and underused parking lanes offer an obvious solution. He also thinks bylaw should be using discretion in issuing fines.
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I've been keeping sane by watching the birds in the backyard in all of this. Maybe you have too! Anyway, we talk birds with Safe Wings Ottawa volunteer Susan Phillips.

She was in the midst of a daily tour of downtown buildings looking for injured birds when we chatted. All that glass has a real effect on our feather friends, and Safe Wings does tremendous work trying to help those birds that are injured and to design buildings in the future that minimize this sort of harm.
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