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Thursday Special Blend

Thursday Special Blend
Thursday March 12th, 2020 with Dick Altavista
Filling-in For David.

You Lost Again
Heaven’s Radio - Active - Posterity Canadian
Smells Like Awesome
The Flaps - The Flaps - Kelp Canadian
Rose Coloured Glasses
Crowded Skies - Single Canadian New
Fire Off The Hill
Crowded Skies - Fire Off The Hill Canadian
Tired, Tired Machine
Huntley Slim And The Suburban Cowboys - Make Work Project Canadian
Back Of The Van
Gentlemen of the Woods - This Great Unknown Canadian
I Got The Devil In Me
Cee Lawrence - This One’s For Me Canadian
Girl At The Bus Stop
BMX Bandits - The Alternative Tribute To The Television Personalities
Hope Springs Eternal
No Fly List - Both Sides Canadian
Add It Up
Carol Pacey - Big Stir Singles: The Fourth Wave
Through Yr. Radio
Weeping Tile - Valentino Canadian
Sarah Harmer - Are You Gone - Arts&Crafts Canadian New
Getta Know You
Shadowland - Through a the Fog - Record Centre records Canadian
Run Coyote - Youth Haunts Canadian
One More Time
The Fog - Quatre Plus One Canadian
Knee Jerk
Duga Radar - Crocus And Old Lillac Canadian New
A Makeshift Marvel
Chris Page - Decide To Stay And Swim Again Canadian New
Interactive CKCU
Hillbilly glenn
Music is good! Bud turned me on to singer, multi instruments, Alanna Sterling, Ottawa... Corona only good to drink! thanks for "the fill"

8:53 AM, March 12th, 2020
Dick Alta Vista (host)
Thanks Glenn!

8:57 AM, March 12th, 2020
Super Funky! loving it

9:07 AM, March 26th, 2020