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Thursday Special Blend

Thursday Special Blend
Thursday March 3rd, 2016 with Matthew filling in
War Amps, Eamon McGrath, Phelonious Friar, Moonfruits

interview with Jamie Lunn, War Amps Key Tag Service,
Cold Hearted Woman
Jack Pine - Jack Pine Canadian
Don't Change
Memetic - Rideau 2 Richmond Canadian
interview with Eamon McGrath, playing Friday Night at Pressed Cafe, 750 Gladstone, with Winchester Warm, Lake Forest
Lake Forest - Sound of Silence Canadian
Running From the Cops
Eamon McGrath - Eamon McGrath Canadian
Interview with James Botte aka Phelonious Friar re:
Moonfruits - Live in Studio Canadian
Live in Studio
Moonfruits - Live in Studio Canadian
Is You Is
Moonfruits - Debut Canadian