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Thursday Special Blend David Yazbeck
Thursday February 25th, 2016 with David Yazbeck

Step Off the Map and Float
Library Voices - Hunting Ghosts & Other Collected Stories Canadian
live next Tuesday at House of Targ
The Sky Looks Like Rain
Lynn Jackson - Songs of Rain, Snow and Remembering Canadian
live Saturday afternoon on the Allaire Show at Quinn's and Saturday night at Kaffe 1870.
Craig Cardiff - Floods & Fires Canadian
live Saturday at Almonte Old Town Hall Auditorium
There Are Very Tiny Beasts in the Ground
We Are the City - In a Quiet World Canadian
live tonight at House of Targ
Summer Dress
Highs - Highs EP Canadian
live tonight at House of Targ
Young Again
ilvekyo - Out of Control Canadian
live Saturday afternoon at Atomic Rooster
The Grey Estates
Wolf Parade - At Mount Zoomer Canadian
Working In a Coal Mine
Devo - The Essentials
Wrongful Suspicion
Rancid - Life Won't Wait
Smoke and Sparks
Grant-Lee Phillips - The Narrows New
The Gospel of John Hurt
Alt-J - This Is All Yours
Interactive CKCU