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Top albums: Dec 26, 2022 – Jan 1, 2023

Position  Artist  Album  Label   
1 SARAH DAVACHI In Concert & In Residence 2022, Late Music Canadian
2 Sarathy Korwar KALAK Leaf - 2022  
3 Various Artists Tribute to a Songpoet: Songs of Eric Andersen Y&T Music  
4 Ibrahim Maalouf & Angelique Kidjo Queen of Sheba    
5 Mess Mess/The Chisel Split 7" Mendeku Diskak, Beach Impediment Records - 2022  
6 Payadora Tango Ensemble Silent Tears: The Last Yiddish Tango Six Degrees Canadian
7 Selina Martin Time Spent Swimming   Canadian
8 The Chisel Mess/The Chisel Split 7" Mendeku Diskak, Beach Impediment Records - 2022  
9 Tulipa Ruiz Habilidades Extraordinárias    
= Canadian content New = New release

Top 10 broadcasts heard on-demand

Position  Show  Host  Highlight 
1 The Groove Elorious Cain Une soirée rumba pour le nouvel an!!!
2 Saturday Morning Mike Regenstreif At the Turning of the Year
3 Stranger Songs Mike Regenstreif Songs from Mike Regenstreif's top 10 folk-rooted and folk-branched albums of 2022
4 Tuesday Special Blend Jeff Larocque Special Guest Co-Host Today is Hélène Campbell. Musical Guests: Shawn Tavenier and Ellen Braun
5 Canadian Spaces Carolyn Sutherland and Chris White The last show of the year... with Graven (Matty McKechnie), Richard Flohil and more...
6 The Guest List Joe Reilly An interview with Scott Morgan - who is loscil - about the two recordings he released in 2022 - Sails p. 1 and Sails p. 2
7 Renny's Riot Ian Jeans MID-TEMPO MERRIMENT! A mellow holiday breather. Soul, funk, reggae, ska, dub, some vintage Ontario bands and a few seasonal ditties. Relax with Ray Charles, Bob Marley, Bowie, Frank Soda, Tess Parks, a mini Stax tribute, and plenty more.
8 Friday Drive Trevor Walker [L8R4U2022favs]
9 Blaster Caps Filburt Shellbach 🖤 In Memory of Sarah Danger Underhill 🖤