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Top albums: Jan 18 – Jan 24, 2021

Position  Artist  Album  Label   
1 Matthew Cardinal Asterisms   Canadian
2 Mindy Meng Wang An Improvisation Through Time and Space    
3 Maria Dunn Joyful Banner Blazing   Canadian
4 Harmonica Shah and Howard Glazer Ain't Gonna Worry About Tomorrow Electro-Fi Records LLC  
5 J.J Parks The 38 Tape   Canadian
6 Selwyn Birchwood Living In A Burning House Alligator Records & Artist Mgmt., Inc.  
7 Steve Earle J.T.    
8 Akeem Oh s/t   Canadian
9 Bastards and the Buzzards Bastards and the Buzzards   Canadian
10 Church of Trees (feat. Carole Pope) Pause (EP)   Canadian
11 Cold City Kings A Letter From Home   Canadian
12 HILOTRONS Lonely Cinema   Canadian
13 KiRa s/t   Canadian
14 Mogwai As The Love Continues Rock Action/Temporary Residence Ltd.  
15 Nahawa Doumbia Kanawa Awesome Tapes From Africa  
16 Red Desert Ensemble Chorochronos Infrequent Seams (02020)  
17 Sandra Powell s/t   Canadian
18 Small Town Socials Single   Canadian
19 Steve St. Pierre Voice Memos Vol. 1   Canadian
20 The Far East New York Is For Lovers Album Names You Can Trust  
21 The Quarter Inch Kings x Zagnif Nori Single   Canadian
22 The Weather Station Ignorance   Canadian
23 Tim Burns Stories And Heroes   Canadian
= Canadian content New = New release

Top 10 broadcasts heard on-demand

Position  Show  Host  Highlight 
1 Reggae In The Fields Junior Smith SANDRA LINDSAY, an exclusive interview First person (Jamaican) to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in the United States of America. Listen to her story of struggle, fear and hope.
2 Friday Drive Trevor Walker [Mello Sorcery]
3 In My Good Books Pat Moore Short stories and spoken word for your listening pleasure!!
4 Diskordja Carla Parchelo Aw Yiss
5 Saturday Morning Alan Surmachynski Sizzles Like A Fried Egg
6 Tuesday Special Blend Jeff Larocque & "Tic" Jeff welcomes the one and only Carole Pope along Church of Trees creator Bernard Frazer in to talk about their new single "World's a Bitch". Bonus - Tic's here too!
7 Lost In Bass T-23 Episode 257: PANDEMICA with KIMERA LA GRANDE
8 The Groove Elorious Cain scarves (repeat broadcast)* April 13th, 2019
9 The Deep Blue Jon Degan Do you like it HARD? Hard Trance and Hard Breakbeat Electronica from Kid Eye