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Tuesday Special Blend
Tuesday January 19th, 2021 with Jeff Larocque & "Tic"
Jeff welcomes the one and only Carole Pope along Church of Trees creator Bernard Frazer in to talk about their new single "World's a Bitch". Bonus - Tic's here too!

Part One with Carole Pope today on #TuesdaySpecialBlend Catch Part Two tomorrow morning on #WednesdaySpecialBlend with host "Tic"
King's Lead Hat (intro)
Brian Eno - Before And After Science (1977)
What In The World
David Bowie - Low (1977)
Take Me
Rough Trade - Live! (1977) - Umbrella (Direct to Disc) Canadian
Highschool Confidential
Rough Trade - Avoid Freud (1980) Canadian
Nova Heart
Spoons - Arias & Symphonies (1982) Canadian
Welcome to the Xtra Special ON Demand version of this particular broadcast. Originally aired in two parts with the second part released on The Mighty 93.1 FM airwaves the day following. I've grabbed up the parts of our interview that were set aside for Tic's show and included them here for your listening pleasure and convenience. If you want to hear Tic's show in it's entirety, here is the On Demand Link: Of course, this Xtra Special On Demand Upload includes an additional track that aired on Tic's show; the re-release of Highschool Confidential SelfieCamJam mix recorded with Barenaked Ladies and Carole Pope.
Did I Mention
Carole Pope - Landfall (2011) Canadian
Eyes Up
Church of Trees - New Bold Dawn (2020) Canadian
Carole Pope with Bernard Frazer join Jeff Larocque and Tic in our virtual studio. Part One of Two. Exclusive Special Blend content from an interview Tic and I conducted on the afternoon of Saturday, January 16, 2021. Tune in to Tic's show tomorrow morning for Part Two. Come back to hear the #OnDemand version of this program for additional content from multi Juno winner, and multi-platinum recording artist Carole Pope. Find out more about Carole, buy her music and swag, and read about her plans and fundraising campaign for "Attitude: the musical" in the near future. Follow Church of Trees to be first in line as new tracks drop into their forthcoming EP "Pause"
Birds of a Feather (sample)
Rough Trade - Live! (1977) Canadian
World's A Bitch *(debut single)
Church of Trees (feat. Carole Pope) - Pause (EP) Canadian New
World's A Bitch **(encore spin, sample fade)
Church of Trees (feat. Carole Pope) - Pause (EP) Canadian New
Tuesday Special Blend and Jeff Larocque want to thank Carole Pope for joining us on the show today and for being so gracious with her time and candid comments for our CKCUFM listeners. Huge thanks as well to Bernard Frazer for helping with arrangements for the interview, and to Tic for joining me and sharing the rest of the interview on his program, Wednesday Special Blend, tomorrow morning between 8 and 9:30am. "World's A Bitch" is available NOW at:
Highschool Confidential
Barenaked Ladies - SelfieCamJam feat. Rough Trade Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Shelley Ann Morris
Wow, this music takes me backā€”late high-school/early university.. Nova Heart would make a good song for the virtual bike-ride playlist. Looking forward to hearing the interview

8:27 AM, January 19th, 2021
wow! Huge score! You bums did good!;-)

10:11 AM, January 19th, 2021
Jeff Larocque (host)
Lol. Love you too Hillbilly!

10:23 AM, January 19th, 2021