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Top albums: May 10 – May 16, 2021

Position  Artist  Album  Label   
1 Sons Of Kemet Black To The Future Impulse! Records, 2021  
2 Brooklyn Raga Massive Quarantine Dreams Brooklyn Raga Massive  
3 Future Funk Squad Reunified Forms    
4 Rakestar Rakestar + guest star Bowl of Notes Records, 2021 Canadian
5 Brooklyn Raga Massive Quarantine Dreams (compilation) Brooklyn Raga Massive, 2021  
6 Charlie Marie Ramble On    
7 Craig Cardiff All This Time Running   Canadian
8 Ian Tamblyn A Longing For Innocence   Canadian
9 Khalab & M'berra Ensemble M'berra Real World Records, 2021-Apr-23  
10 Matt Evans Touchless Matt Evans (02021)  
11 Nick Schofield Glass Gallery (2021) Backward Music Canadian
12 We Were Sharks New Low   Canadian
13 Ballake Sissoko Djourou No Format  
14 Beneficence x Confidence Single    
15 Coty Robinson Single s/r Canadian
16 Dale Ann Bradley Things She Couldn't Get Over    
17 Danny Paisley Bluegrass Troubadour    
18 Growing Diptych Silver Current (02021)  
19 Hyper, Wargasm Spoiler (Recoil)    
20 Jeremy Fisher misfits.   Canadian
21 Jordan Musycsn Old State of Mind   Canadian
22 Konrad OldMoney Cyberpunk 2077: More Music from Night City Radio    
23 Lorraine Jordan and Carolina Road Bill Monroe's Ol' Mandolin    
24 Marie-Clo Shell(e)   Canadian
25 Mats Erlandsson 4-Track Guitar Music Vaagner (02021)  
26 Melissa Carper Daddy's Country Gold    
27 OnenO Cyberpunk 2077: More Music from Night City Radio    
28 Paul Kaplan We Shall Stay Here Old Coat Music  
29 Robert Ouimet & Miguel Gra├ža Return Ticket EP Release The Pressure Canadian
30 Sloan Wainwright Red Maple Tree Sloan Wainwright  
= Canadian content New = New release

Top 10 broadcasts heard on-demand

Position  Show  Host  Highlight 
1 Stranger Songs Mike Regenstreif Songs from the Pandemic
2 Friday Drive Trevor Walker [Get A Good Feeling + MG Spot]
3 Telephasic Workshop Liam Paddock The twenty-third episode! Featuring an interview with upcoming country musician Coty Robinson and debuting his new track "Waste of a Summer"! Also featuring some more great ranch tunes!
4 The Groove Elorious Cain OOPS UPSIDE YOUR HEAD (repeat broadcast)* April 21st, 2018
5 Heavy Friends Heavy Ben and Heavy Friend Melanie PostPunkNewWave
6 Canadian Spaces Chris White Paul Mills, Bev Mills
7 Canada's Cool Culture Muddy Watters Matthew Chaffey
9 Interzone Mimsey Demon Heap of new tunes! Another Anuschka mix! Ryan Labelle mix! More Cyberpunk! New Future Funk Squad remixes! Swarm! Hyper! Breaks, dnb, techno, industrial, hip hop, house, dubstep, bass, and more!
10 Friday Nite Truck Stop Ray Harris & Lefty! Hour #1 - New stuff from Robert Finley, Cedric Burnside, Conrad Bigknife and Album of The Week from Charlie Marie! Hour #2 - Remembering bluegrass wildman Jimmy Martin, Guy Clark, Little Richard, Gene Clark + Joe South stuff!