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Top albums: Apr 27 – May 3, 2020

Position  Artist  Album  Label   
1 Cloud Circuit Bur sting brea k'r Archive Officielle Publications Canadian
2 Paragon Cause What We Started self-released Canadian
3 Tony Allen & Hugh Masekela Rejoice World Circuit  
4 Crystal Shawanda Church House Blues True North Records  
5 Dead Ghosts Automatic Changer Burger - 2020 Canadian
6 Lido Pimienta Miss Colombia ANTI- - 2020 Canadian
7 Ryan Perry High Risk, Low Reward Ruf Records  
8 Tijuana Panthers Pull the Chute Innovative Leisure (releases May 8)  
9 Tyler Kealey Live from the Basement   Canadian
= Canadian content New = New release

Top 10 broadcasts heard on-demand

Position  Show  Host  Highlight 
1 Saturday Morning Pat Moore Today it's all about songs that lift your spirits - happy songs, triumphant songs, or songs that just make you feel good. I asked my Facebook followers to offer suggestions, and I ended up with many more songs than I can play even in 3 hours...
2 Friday Drive Trevor Walker 's happy it's spring and for an extra half hour!
3 Canadian Spaces Lynne Hanson and Chris White Campbell Woods, Chris Coole
4 This Island Earth Neil Bakshi Three hours with the Nigerian great Tony Allen
5 The Deep Blue Jon Degan Special Guest Mix: DJ SIX "A STATE OF TAXES"
6 Heavy Friends Heavy Ben, Pink Veil, Jas Nasty, Chris I, Memetic This DJ set has 22 minutes
7 Whatever's Cool With Me Ryan Bresee The Drowning is Bad Episode
9 In My Good Books Pat Moore In My Good Books is about you getting to sit back and relax or be hands free listening to me read to you. Still Life is the first of a wonderful series of 'who done it' books by Canadian award winning author Louise Penny. Here is chapter 1.
10 Friday Nite Truck Stop Ray Harris and Lefty! Friday Nite Truck Stop quarantine edition #4! Two hours of non-stop hillbilly music!