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Top albums: Jan 12 – Jan 18, 2015

Position  Artist  Album  Label   
1 Devin Townsend Project Z² (Sky Blue)   Canadian New
2 Devin Townsend Project Z² (Dark Matters)   Canadian New
3 HIM Love Metal (Deluxe 2014 Reissue w/ Bonus Tracks) The End Records New
4 Digging Roots For The Light   Canadian New
5 Leela Gilday Heart of the People   Canadian New
6 Derek Olive Mystery & Dust   Canadian New
7 Dominique Forest C'est a moi - 2014 Self-Produced Canadian New
8 Amos the Transparent This Cold Escape   Canadian New
9 Chris Toppa Connected   New
10 Crimson Shadows Kings Among Men   Canadian New
11 Gold & Marrow Forever   Canadian New
12 Kalcium single   New
14 Michael Jerome Browne "Sliding Delta" Borealis Records Canadian New
15 Spencer Scharf I Can't Hide Indie Canadian New
16 All That Remains The Order of Things   New
17 Bunji Garlin Single   New
18 Charron Lied To My Face - Canadian New
19 Chris Cuddy The Best Kept Secret   Canadian New
20 Destra Garcia Single   New
21 Gavinchi Brown single   New
22 Gold and Marrow Forever Indie Canadian New
23 High Falls High Falls   Canadian New
24 Jeremy Fisher The Lemon Squeeze   Canadian New
25 Jimmy Tri-Tone Band live in studio   Canadian New
26 Joffel Project demo   New
27 Kate Greenland, Trevor Pool, Corey Pool Murray Street Sessions   Canadian New
28 Kerwin Dubois Single   Canadian New
29 Larry Stephenson Band Pull Your Saviour In   New
30 Last Ex Last Ex Constellation (02014) Canadian New
= Canadian content New = New release

Top 10 broadcasts heard on-demand

Position  Show  Host  Highlight 
1 Carleton Music Showcase Vivian Lim, Deanna Singh & Galen Cussion Sock n' Buskin: Bonnie & Clyde
2 Heat Wave massive VIBES Deep Freeze
3 Joe Reilly Joe Reilly and tic A Tribute to Mark Valcour
4 Friday Morning Cartunes John Westhaver beheading the heckler...
5 Thursday Special Blend David Yazbeck David Yazbeck
6 Rendez-vous Haïtien Jafrikayiti Monseyè Romelus ap suiv aktyalite Ayiti
7 Canadian Spaces Trish Murray and Chris White Lonesome Paul, Shawna Caspi, Derek Olive, Omar Fares, Michael Jerome Browne, Mark Evenchick
8 Drunken Master Review The Drunken Master
9 Catch 23 Lloyd Smiley #047: Constructive Chaos and A Trip to Nova Scotia.
10 Thursday Blend Early Suzette Schmiedel The Joyful Buddhist Nun