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Top albums: Mar 4 – Mar 10, 2013

Position  Artist  Album  Label   
1 The Flaps Again Kelp Records Canadian
2 Chariots of The Gods Tides of War   Canadian
3 Ol' Time Moonshine The Demon Haunted World   Canadian
4 Atoms for Peace Amok    
5 Hilotrons At Least There's Commotion Kelp Records Canadian
6 Klaus Paier & Asja Valcic Silk Road ACT  
7 Rimbombante Maria Has Lost Her Soul Majunga Music Canadian
8 Suuns Images du Futur   Canadian
9 Vusi Mahlasela Sing to the People ATO / Maplemusic  
10 Blue Hawaii Untogether Arbutus Canadian
11 Capital Region mp3 single Independent (2013) Canadian
12 Cesaria Evora Mae Carinhosa Lusafrica  
14 Hayden Us Alone   Canadian
15 Hot Gossip Then Home Episode 5 HGTH 2013 Canadian
16 Mounties mp3   Canadian
17 Phoenix Bankrupt!    
18 Psychic Ills One Track Mind    
19 Running Man Turn Back Time EP Blue Soho Recordings  
= Canadian content New = New release

Top 10 broadcasts heard on-demand

Position  Show  Host  Highlight 
2 Canadian Spaces Chopper McKinnon Terry Gillespie, Ball & Chain, David Keeble, Tannis Slimmon
3 Cool Cuts Chris Sharp International Women's Day(Mar 8)/St. Patrick's Day(Mar. 17)
4 Vintage Love O'shea Adagio Conflict & Resolution
5 Tinig Pinoy Regina Sosing wih Bailey Clinton and Kevin Fernandez Tinig Pinoy Radio
6 Drunken Master Review Drunken Master Review
7 OPIRG Roots Radio DJ MC and MC DJ Israeli Apartheid Week
8 Swing Is In The Air ReneeYoxon 1980's-2012
9 Tha New Journey Dj Ducats, DJ Rudeboy, Marko Polo & Bigstuff "Straight Hip Hop, Still No Fluff!!"
10 Thursday Special Blend David Yazbeck