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Thursday March 7th, 2013 with Chris Sharp
International Women's Day(Mar 8)/St. Patrick's Day(Mar. 17)

First hour celebrates International Women's Day with bands led by female vocalists.Hour 2 will celebrate St. Patrick's Day with the music of 2 legendary Irishmen-Rory Gallagher and Van Morrison.
First set:bands led by female vocalists of European descent-vocalists from Germany,Denmark,Holland and Poland respectively.
You Can't Have Sunshine Everyday
The Rattles(Edna Bejarano) - The Witch(1971)
Ride My Mountain
The Savage Rose(Annisette Koppel) - In The Plain(1968)
Water Boy
The Shocking Blue(Mariska Veres) - Scorpio's Dance(1969)
Next set:bands led by female vocalists native to the U.K.
Charlie's Horse
Vinegar Joe(Elke Brooks) - Rock 'n' Roll Gypsies(1973)
I Think Of You
Renaissance(Annie Haslem) - Turn Of The Cards(1974)
What You Got
Maggie Bell - Maggie Bell as Suicide Sal(1975)
Sad But Rich
Babe Ruth(Jenny Haan) - Babe Ruth(1975)
Next up we have some bands led by female vocalists that worked out of the San Francisco Bay Area
Too Many People
Cold Blood(Lydia Pence) - Sisyphus(1970)
Closer To The Ground
Joy Of Cooking(Toni Brown,Terry Garthwaite) - Closer To The Ground(1971)
Mother Earth(Tracy Nelson) - San Francisco Nuggets(2007)
Wrecking Ball
Grace Slick - Welcome To The Wrecking Ball(1981)
Last set of the first hour features female vocalists who made their mark in New York.
Eli's Comin'
Laura Nyro - Eli And The Thirteenth Confession(1968)
Society's Child
Janis Ian - VA:You Should've Been There(1975)
What Is Success
Bonnie Raitt - Streetlights(1974)
This hour will feature 2 Irish musicians in honour of St. Patrick's Day.First up is guitarist Rory Gallagher of Cork.
Secret Agent
Rory Gallagher - Calling Card(1976)
Bought And Sold
Rory Gallagher - Against The Grain(1975)
Wayward Child
Rory Gallagher - Stage Struck(1980)
Rue The Day
Rory Gallagher - Notes From San Francisco(2012)
Next is Belfast's Van Morrison-the originator of Celtic Soul.
Kingdom Hall
Van Morrison - Wavelength(1978)
Van Morrison - Into The Music(1979)
Cleaning Windows
Van Morrison - Beautiful Vision(1982)
Bright Side of The Road
Van Morrison - Into The Music(1979)
Dweller On The Threshold
Van Morrison - Beautiful Vision(1982)
Time left for an Irish-Canadian classic.
The Unicorn
The Irish Rovers - The Unicorn(1967) Canadian
Thank you for listening.Please enjoy International Women's Day March 8th and St. Patrick's Day(watch that green beer intake) March 17th.
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anybody awake out there?

12:09 AM, March 7th, 2013
hey! I like how you highlighted women singing lead for a band. Other radio shows tended to focus on female soloists for international womens day. Really enjoyed the first hour, I'll listen to the second set tomorrow!

1:26 AM, March 20th, 2013
Host's ankle says "that's great"

7:39 PM, March 20th, 2013
will the ankle be hosting tonights show?

8:15 PM, March 20th, 2013
Sadly tonight's show will broadcast April 4,on which I will be happy to broadcast

9:29 PM, March 20th, 2013
Chris Sharp (host)
please disregard the above comment as it makes zero sense

10:48 AM, March 29th, 2013
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