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Top albums: Jun 11 – Jun 17, 2012

Position  Artist  Album  Label   
1 Hawkwind Onward    
2 Payload Odyssey Dawn    
3 Paul Simon Graceland 25th Anniversary Edition    
4 Burial Lanterns (album pre-release)   Canadian
5 Terry Gillespie Memphis Sampler   Canadian
6 Chris Herodier Snowboy Freedom   Canadian
7 M.O.I Carnegie Hall    
8 Ryan Dunlop Big Room Grooves The Album Yaiza Records Canadian
9 The Gin Rebellion The Uprising of The Gin Rebellion (demo)    
10 Timeline Graystone Ballroom EP Underground Resistance  
11 Cadence Weapon Hope In Dirt City   Canadian
12 Chuck Jackson's Big Bad Blues Band A Cup of Joe Linus Entertainmment Canadian
13 Mark Flash King Of Light EP Underground Resistance  
14 Abe van Dam 3rd Eye J.V. Canadian
15 Alain Bedard Auguste Qrt Homos Pugnax Effendi Canadian
16 Amoeba Starfish Oceans Older Than Life   Canadian
17 Beach House Bloom Sub Pop  
18 Cold Specks I Predict A Graceful Expulsion Arts & Crafts Canadian
19 Cynthia Felton Freedom Jazz Dance Felton Entertainment  
20 Devilz by Definition Devilution   Canadian
21 Eddie Campbell Spider Eating Preacher Delmark  
22 Eric Bibb Deeper In The Well Stony Plain  
23 Greg Kelly Slow Horses   Canadian
24 Japandroids Celebration Rock   Canadian
25 Jérome Beaulieu Trio L'Homme Sur La Lune Effendi Canadian
26 Juan Atkins a.k.a Infiniti The Remixes Part 1 EP Tresor  
27 Juha Tapio Hyvä voittaa    
28 Kathleen Edwards Voyageur Zoe Canadian
29 Magic Wands Aloha Moon    
30 Metric Synthetica Metric Music International Canadian
= Canadian content New = New release

Top 10 broadcasts heard on-demand

Position  Show  Host  Highlight 
1 Monday Special Blend Dean Verger
2 eV's Underground e.V. Payload/Burial Lanterns/The Gin Rebellion
3 Drunken Master Review Drunken Master Review
4 Friday Morning Cartunes John Westhaver Black Mass Rising
5 Pure Radio Kaos Bobby M
6 Reggae In The Fields Junior Smith Summer Craze ( 5,15, 10v, 25s, 10o)
7 Namaste Jennifer Clark & Rick Lecuyer Albert Clayton Gaulden - Founder of The Sedona Intensive Method -
8 Light on the Path Pat Moore Matthew/Dave
9 Fundamentally Sound Dennis Molnar, Jewne Boom Boom Some Guy, Maya Live Chat and Performance
10 This Island Earth Rob Bitschofsky Going back to Graceland: