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Rabble Without A Cause
Wednesday October 3rd, 2012 with Bernard Stepien
a preview of IMOO-FEST

The Improvising Musicians of Ottawa/Outaouais just turned 2 years of existence with over 60 concerts under the belt. This longevity is probably the result of a pragmatic approach to the problem of the 1%. Improvised music, the statistics say has only 1% of market share. Thus, curators Linsey Wellman and Craig Pedersen seconded by Renée Yoxon on the communication side ended up focusing on one concept: make it small and see what happens. But this may not be enough. The second most important factor of this two year success is probably a well-oiled network of interconnected high caliber travelling improvised music troubadours that don’t mind stopping over at the UMI café at IMOO to perform in front of a couple dozen spectators (maximum capacity) not to forget a string of talented local free improvisers. The best example was two weeks ago with Huntsville, a group coming as far away as Norway (6500 km away) on its way to the well-established Guelph Jazz Festival. Finally, this case of micro-economy of course resolves at the cash register. The $5 donation suggestion is low enough to encourage people to donate without restraint but also more important, to come back. This week, IMOO will feature its first micro-festival, IMOO-Fest at Club Saw on Friday and Saturday evenings. Club Saw has about double the capacity than the UMI café. Like any festival, there will be some high profile bills such as Montreal internationally renowned improviser and clarinetist Lori Freedman and equally internationally renowned but fortunately for us now local percussionist Jesse Steward. This in addition of an array of local groups that have made some sensation during the IMOO two concerts per month series over these past two years. All of this will be combined into a perfect melting pot: the IMOO-Orchestra directed this time by clarinetist Lori Freedman that apparently is writing us some arrangements in addition to its directed improvisation principle… Tonight, the IMOO curators will be in the studio and entertain you as usual answering my inquisitive questions.
Lori Freedman - Plumb - Barnyard records Canadian
not chained to a juke box, East River, NY 1970.11.25
Mar Molnar - IMOO vol 2 - IMOO Canadian New
Insisting the necessary
David Jackson - IMOO vol 2 - IMOO Canadian New
Bernard Stepien - IMOO vol 2 - IMOO Canadian New
Grey Area # 5
Craig Pedersen - IMOO vol 2 - IMOO Canadian New
Match recall
Wayne Eagle - IMOO vol 2 - IMOO Canadian New
Piece of Music
Linsey Wellman - IMOO vol 2 - IMOO Canadian New