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Rabble Without A Cause
Wednesday September 12th, 2012 with Bernard Stepien
British guitarist Derek Bailey recording Good Cop Bad Cop

Each musician tries to develop his own approach to music to differentiate himself from the competition so to speak. British guitarist Derek Bailey extended this concept to the limits. In the ‘70s Bailey was not satisfied with permanent bands. He found the outcome too predictable and somewhat limiting. Thus, from there on he played with constantly renewed personnel to ensure that he will be challenged in his habits at all times and more likely produce music he never thought of before. Good Cop bad Cop was recorded live in 2003 with an array of equally prodigious musicians, Tony Bevan, Paul Hession and Otomo Yoshihide. The music is as described above, un-predictable, constantly changing with each intervention of another musician and undoing what the preceding soloist was doing as soon as possible thus making boredom for the listener potentially impossible.
no hiding place/softly softly
Derek Bailey - good cop bad cop
good cop bad cop
Derek Bailey - good cop bad cop
Derek Bailey - good cop bad cop