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Rabble Without A Cause
Wednesday May 30th, 2012 with Bernard Stepien
Ottawa International Jazz Festivals avant-garde picks

The Ottawa International Jazz Festival under the artistic direction of saxophonist Petr Cancura has come up with a well-balanced programming on the avant-garde side of things between New York based musicians and Europeans and the various stylistic genres that range from classical music extensions to post ‘60s free Jazz to Imaginary Folklore oriented. In preparation for this celebration we will sample the music of: • Brooklynn’s Rob Garcia complex melodies • Maya Homburger/Barry Guy/Pierre Favre classical oriented music • Angelika Niescier rising German star with a Berlin energy loaded Jazz • Ig Henneman’s Dutch Instant Composers Pool oriented sense of improvised orchestration • Luca Ciarla, Italy’s stealth unbalanced fiddling
little trees
Rob Garcia - perennial - bju'records
bella ciao
luca Ciarla - fiddler in the loop - violipiano records
Ig Henneman - cut a caper - stichting wig Canadian
oud suite part 1
angelika Niescier - sublim III - enja
peace piece
maya homburger - dakryon - maya recordings