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Rabble Without A Cause
Wednesday March 17th, 2010 with Alnoor Allidina
Abdullah Ibrahim Part 1

Alnoor Allidina has been listening to a lot of Abdullah Ibrahim lately. Tonight he presents the first part in a 2-part series on this wonderful South African pianist. Ibrahim has great jazz credentials: he was "discovered" in Zurich by Duke Ellington in the early sixites, when he was still performing as Dollar Brand. Of course, at this point Ibrahim's career was already over a decade old. In tonight's program we will hear from a variety of his many albums, focusing on jazz tunes and some of his more outside playing. Part two airs Sunday afternoon on This Island Earth (1-4pm EDT) and features tunes clearly influenced by his South African upbringing.
African Dawn
Abdullah Ibrahim - African Dawn - Enja (1982)
Tuang Guru
Abdullah Ibrahim - Capetown Revisted - Enja (2000)
Abdullah Ibrahim - The Banyana: Children of Africa - Enja (1976)
Did you Hear That Sound?
Abdullah Ibrahim - Africa - Tears And Laughter - Enja (1979)
Abdullah Ibrahim - A Celebration - Enja (2005)
According to "Good News From Africa was the shining, transcendent release by both of these great musicians and one that should grace every listener's collection"
Moniebah / The Pilgrim
Abdullah Ibrahim & Johnny Diyani - Good News From Africa - Enja (1973)