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Rabble Without A Cause
Wednesday May 2nd, 2012 with Bernard Stepien
UNESCO Jazz Day includes Ottawa Local musicians

A couple of days ago, UNESCO decided to celebrate Jazz as an artifact of humanity. Here in Ottawa, this includes a pretty array of fine musicians. Thus, tonight we will focus on the various directions that our local musicians have taken. • The travelling music of saxophonist Doug Martin, Amsterdam • The hypnotic music of saxophonist Linsey Wellman, Ephemera • The rhythmically Balkanic music of drummer Mike Essoudry • The complex, multi-layered and humoristic music of trumpetist Craig Pedersen, Days Like Today • The lyrical music of bassist John Geggie, Geggie Project with Marilyn Crispell • The celebrative music of pianist Peter Hum, A Boy’s Journey • The ethnically loaded music of saxophonist Petr Cancura, People Music • The exploration of Jazz history of saxophonist Dean Pallen, Sunswept Sunday • The multi-phonics of saxophonist David Broscoe, Rake And last but not least, RWAC now uses a percussionist Jesse Stewart composition as its theme song.
Doug Martin - Odyssey - backburner records Canadian
track 5
Linsey Wellman - ephemera - home Canadian
David Broscoe - Rake - spool Canadian
sunswept sunday
Dean Pallen - sunswept sunday - majunga music Canadian
Mike Essoudry - Mash poetatoe masher - own Canadian
bouclier canadien
john geggie - geggie project - ambiance magnetique Canadian
so far so close
Craig Pedersen - days like today - own Canadian
new toy
Peter Hum - a boy's journey - own Canadian
Fisch Tanz
Petr Cancura - people music - own Canadian