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Rabble Without A Cause
Wednesday April 4th, 2012 with Bernard Stepien
Keiji Haino & Masami Akita

Jazz and Rock have crossed paths many times over the last half a century. The early forms instigated by Miles Davis consisted in playing good old Be Bop lines over Rock rythms and harmonies but usually for mostly commercial purposes. But during the same time span, some Rock musicians got interested in the Improvisation side of Jazz and into the free form side of Free Jazz. In any case, the iconic II-V-I got replaced with the Noise concept as a basic material. Japanese guitarist Keiji Haino has been doing that for three decades now. He is a cult artist in Japan. Take this and mix it with the equally incendiary style of Masami Akita and you get the optimal shake up of the day. Tonight, we will look at a 2007 recording, Pulverized Purple, from a live performance at the Victoriaville Festival that by the way is looming around the corner…
that place into which you fell was lined with a cushion of pain and is no proof of your continuing existence
Keiji Hamo & Masami Akita - kikuri - victo
that which will rise from death here tonight will go hand in hand with a glittering echo burdened with the sin of joy
Keiji Hamo & Masami Akita - kikuri - victo
by mischance that shoul i devoured was a transparent, vertical blues
Keiji Hamo & Masami Akita - kikuri - victo