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Rabble Without A Cause
Wednesday June 15th, 2011 with Bernard Stepien
George Lewis Live Electronics

Les Exercices Spirituels is the latest release (2010) of George Lewis, trombonist and computer generated improvisation expert over four decades. It features basically improvised chamber music, a genre that has been taking hold these days despite Lady Gaga's stealing the show 99% of the time. George Lewis has been working with live electronics since the '70s when micro computers were only reserved to a hand full of hackers. His works with computers are plainly astonishing. I will always remember the duet performance he did with Aki Takase, piano, at the Total Music Meeting festival in Berlin in 2001 where it was difficult to distinguish who or what (the computer) was playing what to the point where they went back stage and the computer kept performing on his own, having fully digested the complex melodic and rythmic patterns of the live artists. This kind of perfection has landed Lewis in the Land of contemporary music like the one played at IRCAM in Paris, France with people like Pierre Boulez et al. What is the Ottawa Chamber Music Festival waiting for inviting George Lewis, this outstanding composer to perform here? Some of the compositions that will be played tonight have been commissioned by the Vancouver Olympiades.
les exercices spirituels
George Lewis - les exercices spirituels - tzadik
hello mary lou
George Lewis - les exercices spirituels - tzadik