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Rabble Without A Cause
Wednesday April 27th, 2011 with Bernard Stepien
Post Easter Bunny Bop

Too much chocolate and well overdue features! Tonight's program is a Jazz oriented Easter Egg Hunt: Featuring Jane Ira Bloom, Christine Fagan, Ludovic Beier, Ted Nash, Gary Bartz, Linsey Wellman/Mike Essoudry, Adela Pege, Ramon Valle, Nino Josele.
brilliant corners
Gary Bartz - reflections of Monk the final frontier - steeple chase
Linsey Wellman/Mike Essoudry - no name - own Canadian
when i fall in love
Nino Joseles - paz - calle54 records
kimbara pa nico
Ramon Valle - no escape - ACT
still evolved
Ted Nash - still evolved - palmetto records
Brooklyn heights
Ludovic Beier - chilltimes - harmonia mundi
all the diamonds
Christine Fagan - once - own Canadian
Jane Ira Bloom - Winwalker - outline
Aladar Pege - PEGE - Krem