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Rabble Without A Cause
Wednesday March 23rd, 2011 with Bernard Stepien
Toronto multi-reedist Kyle Brenders

We've got what you forgot! This sounds like the typical commercial of a well know corner store/dépanneur but in our case, we will feature an artist that you possibly forgot to check out at the IMOO series at the UMI café last Sunday. The IMOO series started too modestly with local avantgarde musicians that are typically considered by the local listeners as worth of little note unless they move out of Ottawa and come back on family visits. However, IMOO quickly got an interest from real out of towners with artists coming from as far as New Brunswick, Vancouver, Montreal and now Toronto with Kyle Brenders. Last Sunday, Kyle Brenders group played the IMOO and revealed a strong influence from Anthony Braxton with whom Kyle studied with. They as usual offered CDs for sale that sold well that night as a result of course of the music being played live there that showed some deep research in composition and arranging. I bought the latest CD of the group that IMOO featured and as a bonus I got a Kyle Brenders solo CD. This bonus CD business could suggest that solo recordings are hard to sell. Having always been a great fan of solo concerts in the past, I think that after listening to Brenders Flow and Intensities solo CD I would have personnally been willing to pay $ 10 for the solo CD too.
Kyle Brenders - karst - own label Canadian New
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Kyle Brenders - flows and intensities - own label Canadian
Kyle Brenders - karst - own label Canadian
Kyle Brenders - karst - own label Canadian
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Kyle Brenderr - flows and intensities - own label Canadian
Kyle Brenders - karst - own label Canadian