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Rabble Without A Cause
Wednesday February 3rd, 2010 with Bernard Stepien
One for Haiti, Archie Shepp's the Magic of Ju-Ju

Archie Shepp is one of the main figures of '60s Free Jazz. The Magic of Ju-Ju cues into Voo Doo ceremonies that are still very active in Haiti. Of course, no medias mentioned Voo Doo during the earth quakes aftermath because it so clashes with the North American religious establishment that provided the brunt of the aid in the early hours. But it is there and Archie Shepp didn't miss the opportunity in 1967 to highlight this important component of African culture still surviving in the island. However, the 18 minutes this track lasts made many people think that they were on a diet for 40 years. The Coltranian energy of this Archie Shepp composition is immense. Some however said that it was a piece of no consequence. For many it sums up what Archie Shepp is all about. Today, this recording is considered as a masterpiece. Most tracks are faded out, so let's hope someday Impulse will re-release them in full length.
the majic of Ju-Ju
Archie Shepp - the majic of Ju-Ju - Impulse
you're all what this day is about
Archie Shepp - the majic of Ju-Ju - Impulse
Archie Shepp - the majic of Ju-Ju - Impulse
sorry 'bout that
Archie Shepp - the majic of Ju-Ju - Impulse
cousin mary
Archie Shepp - Four for trane - Impulse