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Rabble Without A Cause
Wednesday September 14th, 2016 with Thomas "Teknobrat" Stepien
An Intergalactic Journey thrue Space and Sound with the music of Sun Ra mixed and compiled by DJ Teknobrat

Teknobrat a pioneer underground techno and house music DJ from Canada explores threw turntable mixing the spaced out free jazz music of the genius master jazz-man SUN RA. This is An Intergalactic Journey threw Space and Sound with the music of Sun Ra mixed and compiled by DJ Teknobrat... Njoi !!!! T. Those who think that Free Jazz is Boomer’s music and would unmistakably fade away after the boomers fade away themselves may be all wrong after all. Some of the Free Jazz raises the interest of the younger generation of Tekno DJs. Sun Ra is one of the target. Of course, the intergalactic mission with a forte on spacey music didn’t go unnoticed by Tekno people. So no worries, be assured, that there is now a rebirth of Sun Ra’s music through typical Tekno mixes. Many aspects of Sun Ra’s music are similar to the techniques used by Tekno people nowadays. So, it turns out that Sun Ra was a visionary beyond expectations. Space music is ideal for Tekno chills. Consequently, tonight, you will enjoy a mix of Sun Ra’s recordings interspersed with the voice of Sun Ra himself explaining his music 23 years after his death, all mixed by DJ Teknobrat that I trained extensively by taking him to live Sun Ra shows in New York City three decades ago… the show will be heard both in Detroit and Berlin, so don’t miss this unexpected company…
Someday My Prince Will Come
Sun Ra - Second Star to the Right: Salute to Walt Disney - Leo Records
Watusi, Egyptian March
Sun Ra - It's After the End of the World - Universal Distribution
Space Is the Place
Sun Ra - The Other Side of the Sun - Universal International
Disco 2100
Sun Ra - The Singles - Evidence
Astro Black [Live]
Sun Ra Arkestra - Live at Pitt-In, Tokyo - DIW (Japan)
Journey to the Stars
Sun Ra - My Brother the Wind, Vol. 2 - Evidence
The Invisible Shield
Sun Ra - Janus - 1201 Music
Monorails and Satellites
Sun Ra - Monorails and Satellites - Evidence
Planet Earth
Sun Ra - Jazz in Silhouette/Sound Sun Pleasure - Gambit
Enlightenment [Live]
Sun Ra & His Intergalactic Space Research Arkestra - Concert for the Comet Kohoutek - ESP-Disk/Caliber
Set Sail For The Sun
Respect Sextet; Respect Sextet Sirius Respect - Sirius Respect - Mode Records
The Star Gazers
Sun Ra - Fondation Maeght Nights, Vol. 1 - Jazz View
The Satellites Are Spinning
Sun Ra & His Solar Myth Arkestra - The Solar-Myth Approach, Vols. 1-2 - Varese
Sun Ra Arkestra - Reflections in Blue - Black Saint
Theme of the Stargazers [Live]
Sun Ra - At the Village Vanguard - Jazzdoor
Interplanetary Music
Sun Ra - We Travel the Spaceways/Bad and Beautiful - Evidence
Adventure in Space
Sun Ra - The Singles - Evidence
Everything Is Space
Sun Ra - Somewhere Else - Rounder Select
Hocus Pocus
Sun Ra - Destination Unknown - Enja
Love In Outer Space
Sun Ra - Purple Night - A&M
Interactive CKCU