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Rabble Without A Cause
Wednesday May 25th, 2016 with David Broscoe
FMP Back Catalogue at Destination Out

Sample tracks from the FMP Back Catalogue, available at the Destination Out Store. Destination Out was a blog which posted out-of-print free jazz recordings. While it is no longer active, it maintains a store of otherwise out-of-print FMP releases, available for download in a variety of audio formats. Sample cuts are available for each release. We hear cut from three of these releases: Gumpert \Malfatti \Oxley: Ach Was! 1981 – Piano\trombone\percussion but often difficult to pinpoint who is doing what Evan Parker: Process and Reality 1991 – solo soprano - includes solo pieces, multi-track pieces and a meditation on a Steve Lacy tune Butch Morris: Berlin Skyscaper 1998 The Destination Out Blog The Destination Out Store
Luft gebacken
Ach was!?
EVAN PARKER - Process and Reality - FMP
Diary of a Mnemonist (For Liz Fritsch)
EVAN PARKER - Process and Reality - FMP
LAPIDARY - Improvisation on "The Cryptosphere" by Steve Lacy
EVAN PARKER - Process and Reality - FMP
And I will sing of this second kingdom
EVAN PARKER - Process and Reality - FMP
Conduction #51, Berlin Basic Part 1
BUTCH MORRIS - Berlin Skyscraper - FMP
Interactive CKCU