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Rabble Without A Cause
Wednesday December 30th, 2015 with Bernard Stepien
American saxophonist Tim Berne Snakeoil

Tim Berne started his career with Billy Robinson’s highschool friend, Julius Hemphill in the ‘70s. He began to thrive as an avant-garde musician in the ‘80s mostly in small groups with assymetrical instrumentation. His style could be best described by snow ball music. His typically long improvisation always start quietly and grow into frenzies to return to their initial state. This strategy didn’t go unnoticed since the legendary ECM label that specializes in odd atmospheres signed him in 2013, a consecration of a three decade career. Tonight we will focus on his ECM CD Shadow Man.
Tim Berne - shadow man - ECM
Tim Berne - shadow man - ECM
Tim Berne - shadow man - ECM
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