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Rabble Without A Cause
Wednesday July 29th, 2015 with Sean McFee
Ornette Coleman Part 3

Ornette Coleman was one of the first Jazz musicians that embraced freedom over well-established harmonic, melodic and rhythmic forms. The New Thing was in the air way back since even the post-war period where people like Dave Brubeck, Thelonious Monk, Sun Ra, Jimmy Giuffre or Cecil Taylor were experimenting in all directions both with old material and things nobody ever heard of. Somehow, Ornette was the man that did the first break-through and the rest is history. He also left behind an immense collection of compositions, from lyrical ballads like Lonely Woman, which resonates like thunder on a complex canvas of rhythms and pedals that turn it into a driving force, not to mention a collection of blues variations that surely were the Ur-Blues as the Swiss would say, the Blues before it got encapsulated into a fixed form of 12 bars and sequences of harmonies. For those who missed the two previous programs on tributes to Ornette Coleman, it is never too late thanks to the CKCU-FM archives: Sean McFee’s special program: David Broscoe’s special program:
Ornette Coleman - Town Hall 1962 - ESP Disk
Ornette Coleman - Town Hall 1962 - ESP Disk
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Ornette Coleman - Chappaqua Suite - Sony Music France
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Ornette Coleman - Chappaqua Suite - Sony Music France
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