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Rabble Without A Cause
Wednesday November 12th, 2014 with Bernard Stepien
British-Italian soft Free-Jazz with Weightless

The hype of funding drive is gone, so we can move into more serene waters, this time the quiet force of the British-Italian Weightless group composed of saxophonist John Butcher, bassist John Edwards on the British side and pianist Alberto Braida and drummer Fabrizio Spera on the Italian side, all on the Portuguese Clean Feed label and recorded in Köln, Germany. This extreme European mix is quite interesting since both countries involved have radically different temperaments. The Italians bring of course some lyricism and passion while the British are more into unusual textures and techniques. Total improvisation is practiced here. Nothing is written or even planned. Free Jazz has many different facets. The Weightless group explores what I would describe as slow motion Free Jazz where dynamics are developed quietly, providing the listener lots of time to think, a critical component of Jazz enjoyment.
John Butcher - a brush with dignity - clean feed
John Butcher - a brush with dignity - clean feed
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John Butcher - a brush with dignity - clean feed