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Rabble Without A Cause
Wednesday June 23rd, 2010 with Alnoor Allidina
Sound Symposium 2010

Alnoor Allidina presents a preview of this year's Sound Symposium, an adventurous festival that takes place in St. John's every two years. On tonight's program you will a sampling from the works of: Yael Acher, IMA Ensemble, Moritz Eggert, Curtis Andrews, and Aiyun Huang.
This incarnation of Ima Ensemble is Debashis Sinha (percussion), Ben Grossman (hurdy gurdy + electronics), Andrew Downing (double bass) and Patrick Graham (percussion).
Tonk Finds a Home
Ima Ensemble - Bad Monkey Bad Monkey Canadian
Clear cut
Ima Ensemble - Bad Monkey Bad Monkey Canadian
The Getaway
Ima Ensemble - Bad Monkey Bad Monkey Canadian
Curtis Andrews - The Offering of Curtis Andrews Canadian
A native of Tel Aviv, Yael Acher is an acclaimed flutist and composer; she plays music in many genres, including Classical, Modern, Free-Improvisational, Progressive electro/instrumental Jazz, Free Jazz, Funk and Electronics.
Yael Acher - Modiano
Yael Acher - Redcar
Aubade (sample)
Aiyun Huang - unknown
Temazcal (sample)
Aiyun Huang - unknown
Courtesy of the Goethe-Institut Montreal, acclaimed composer/musician Moritz Eggert will be performing at Sound Symposium XV, and will be the artistic director of this year’s Cape Spear Project.
Hämmerklavier XII: highway 61
Moritz Eggert - I Belong This Road I Know