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In A Mellow Tone
Wednesday July 25th, 2012 with Ron Steeds
Jazz & Blues recorded July 25 between 1949 and 2009

Jazz and Blues recorded July 25 between 1949 and 2009 - 60 years of great music!
From the pianist with a "left hand like God" to one of the great trombonists in the history of jazz...
Don't Blame Me
Art Tatum - Complete Capitol Recordings - Capitol
Blue Moon
Wynton Kelly - Piano Interpretations By Wynton Kelly - Blue Note
In A Sentimental Mood
Lawrence Marable - Tenorman - Blue Note
Never Let Me Go
J.J. Johnson - J Is For Jazz - CBS
The 1960's...
Take Aim
Harold Land - Take Aim - Blue Note
Dance For Carlo B
John Handy - The Second John Handy Album - Atlantic
Maiden Yoyage
Bobby Hutcherson & Harold Land - Blow Up - JMY
Elvin Jones brings the 1970's alive...
At This Point In Time
Elvin Jones - The Prime Element - Blue Note
The first of two sets of music from the 1980's kicking it off with the jazz musician the Village Voice hailed the most important jazz musician of the decade - David Murray - and then a band let by his fellow WSQ member, Hamiet Bluiett...
David Murray - Ming - Black Saint
Gumbo (Vegetarian Style)
Hamiet Bluiett - Bearer of the Holy Flame - Black Fire
The 1980's set 2...
A Waltz With Sweety
Johnny Griffin - Call It Whatcha Wanna - Galaxy
Ballad Of A Child Alone
Borah Bergman - Upside Down Visions - Black Saint
What's New?
McCoy Tyner - Live At The Musician's Exchangce Café - Who's Who
...and a long set of jazz from the 1990's...
Without A Song
Glenn Wilson & Rory Stuart - Bittersweet - Sunnyside
Stardust From Tomorrow
Sun Ra - Mayan Temples - Black Saint
Spirit of the Staircase
Ken Vandermark - Standards - Quinnah
I (edit)
Die Like A Dog Quartet - From Valley to Valley - Eremite
and, finally, two from the 2000's to end the show...
Love Letters
Charles McPherson - But Beautiful - Venus Records
Lullaby For Naughty Children
Saint Dirt Elementary School - Abandoned Ballroom - Barnyard Records Canadian
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Nice gumbo!

10:09 PM, July 25th, 2012
Ron Steeds (host)
Thanks Alnoor!

10:47 PM, July 25th, 2012
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