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In A Mellow Tone
Wednesday May 15th, 2024 with Natalie McGrath
Spiritual Jazz

Here is the link to the setlist that originally aired May 24th, 2023: In this session of in a mellow tone, host Natalie McGrath taps into the divine by covering Spiritual Jazz. After the fast and frenetic work of Bebop in the 1950s, the Spiritual Jazz movement (otherwise known as astral jazz), emerged in the 1960s. It was one of the most experimental periods in jazz history, pushing the boundaries of form and instrumentation with abstract expressions. Astral Jazz features musical frameworks that draw upon a diverse set of faiths and limitless philosophies such as Eastern Mysticism, Zen philosophy, Egyptian Mythology, Catholicism and Buddhism. The genre lies somewhere on the spectrum between avant-garde jazz and free jazz. Tune in to listen to some jazz that will connect you to your higher self!
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