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In A Mellow Tone

In A Mellow Tone
Wednesday November 21st, 2018 with Joe Reilly, Matthew Crosier
CKCU Tribute to Ron Sweetman 8pm-12am Nov 21, 2019

This is hour two and hour three of our tribute for Ron. Feel free to leave a tribute to Ron on the playlist interactive
Interview with Bruce Walton, CKCU alumni, former host of Roots and Rhythms
Dr Jazz
Jelly Roll Morton - Oh, Mister Jelly!
interview with Jean Paul Souque friend of Ron Sweetman
interview with Al Surmachynski, host at CKCU
I Know That You Know
Sonny Rollins - Sonny Side Up
interview with Jean Michel Labatut, current host of In A Mellow Tone
Blue Lou
Bill Coleman - Meets Guy Lafitte
Interview with Pat Moore, CKCU host , served on Board of Directors with Ron Sweetman
Early Autumn
Ella Fitzgerald - Ella Fitzgerald Sings the Johnny Mercer Songbook
interview with Manmohan Panesar, CKCU host, served on Board of Directors with Ron Sweetman
Sean Bergin - Mob Mobiel
Interview with James Hale, CKCU alumnus
Profile of Jackie
Charles Mingus - Pithecanthropus Erectus
Interview with Peter Hum, CKCU alumnus
Ben Webster - A Timosphere For Lovers and Thieves
Interview with Allan Wigney, CKCU host
Miles Davis - Sketches of Spain
Interactive CKCU
David de Jongh
So sweet to hear so many familiar voices remembering Ron. Having 'teched' for Ron for a while I really appreciated his enthusiasm and willingness to share. Bruce Walton Rocks!

9:04 PM, November 21st, 2018
Cool Joe

9:07 PM, November 21st, 2018
David Dalle
Farewell Ron, thanks for the memories.

9:08 PM, November 21st, 2018
Janis Lockwood
My deepest condolences to Ron Sweetman's family. Ron was tremendously encouraging to any announcer at CKCU who showed an interest in jazz. And of course he was a great supporter of live music, both in Ottawa and beyond. I have fond memories of seeing Ron at the Ottawa Jazz Festival in his dashikis and cool cat hats. He was a kind, unique man. He would phone in with praise when he liked the music on the air, and occasionally with disparaging comments when he didn't. "I can't stand musicians who pander to the crowd," he remarked once over the telephone about a showboating saxophonist on a record I was playing. He was a charming man with a tremendous breadth of musical knowledge. Fare thee well, Ron.

9:41 PM, November 21st, 2018
nice to hear the Bill Coleman, and and a very true point about Ron & musicians. He & Jennifer once entertained a very drunk and belligerent Ray Nance. And if you don't know who Ray Nance was, Ron no doubt told us at some point.

9:46 PM, November 21st, 2018
Bill Sweetman
Hi Joe and Matthew. Thank you (and all the guests) for sharing your memories of my father. Lots of wonderful stories that my wife and I are enjoying hearing for the first time! I really appreciate you putting this musical and memory tribute together. Thanks again.

9:47 PM, November 21st, 2018
Karen Oxorn
Digging the great sounds tonight! I am proud to have known Ron as a friend, a mentor who encouraged me when I first began my career as a jazz vocalist specializing in the standards (and who created the tag line that I still use today), and with whom I would occasionally attend concerts featuring more progressive expressions of jazz that he would help me more fully appreciate. He generously invited me to be a guest on or to co-host In A Mellow Tone a number of times over the years which led to my hosting Swing Is In The Airfor a while, a very rewarding and great experience. Ron and I sat together at the 40th Anniversary party for CKCU-FM a few years ago and I am so grateful to have spent a wonderful evening with him.

9:48 PM, November 21st, 2018
John Sled
I knew Ron though Canadian Collectors Congress in TO

11:11 PM, November 21st, 2018
Noel Thomas
I regret learning this late of Ron Sweetman's passing. The last time he and I shook hands was in his Ottawa apartment where he, his wife Jennifer and others hosted Abdullah Ibrahim, AKA - Dollar Brand.. I met Ron in Montréal where I Iived for 42 years until settling in Nova Scotia. As a personal tribute to Ron I forward four of my SHOWTIME podcast episodes chronicling Montreal's history of jazz,. featuring some of the voices of those who contributed to that eventful and fun time circa. Hopefully, there's a spot In A Mellow Tone scheduling to air one if not all of them. If so, enjoy listening and please send a comment if you care to:

1:59 PM, November 24th, 2018
Such a wonderful tribute.

11:08 AM, November 26th, 2018